Multi-Masking with 7th Heaven

Oh look, another post where I moan about my skin, not the best opening sentence but I promise it gets better. Last month at the Bloggers Festival we met 7th Heaven and it was lovely because the nice lady gave us this box full of a variety of 7th Heaven masks that introduced me to the magical world of multi-masking. I'm no stranger to 7th Heaven, they're the key component to any girl's night, if you don't have a packet of face mask with you whilst you're watching a chick flick and trying to blow malteasers in the air then you're doing it wrong. I've always loved 7th Heaven's face-masks but my complicated old face has never enjoyed one mask all over it and I'm not imaginative enough to think of multi-masking on my own. 

For those of you who don't know, multi-masking is applying different masks on different parts of your face depending on what your face needs. The 7th Heaven Multi-Mask pack includes a face-mask for practically every need with a little guide to show you where to apply them. 

The pack includes Fruit Smoothie, Strawberry Souffle, Argan Oil Mud, Black Seaweed Peel Off, Dead Sea Peel Off and Exfoliator and Masque. 
For blemishes on the T-Zone, 7th Heaven recommend using the Argan Oil mask as it draws out impurities in the skin which balance your complexion. For clogged pores use a peel-off mask like Dead Sea to draw out the toxins. Strawberry Souffle is best used for dry skin as it has the most moisturising elements and for dull / tired skin use Black Seaweed to detox and brighten. Spotty skin can be helped withe refreshing exfoliator masque and Fruit Smoothie is best for a deep cleansing ant-oxidant burst. 

Before deciding which mask to use, I had a good old look at my face in the 5x magnifying mirror -it was a horrific experience but I determined that my skin was super flipping dry because it was crusty AF. During the time that I tested these, I was a little under the weather and my skin always gets in on the action one way or another. My spotty chin had also flared up a little so I decided that my first multi-masking experience was going involve Strawberry Souffle and Fruit Smoothy to tackle the crust and cleanse the spots. 

I was a little disappointed when I opened both masks as they're the same colour so it was impossible to tell that I was actually multi-masking, I'm a visual person and easily pleased so this was a little underwhelming. I did consider changing masks but decided to stick with these two because my skin's needs are more important than my simple little pea brain. 

After shoving it all on my face in the designated areas I ran a bath and decided to have a nice long hot soak whilst my face when all hard and crispy. However, this didn't happen because I was feeling unwell and the bath was too hot and I overheated and ended up sitting on the edge of the bath panting like a dog with a very heavy crusty face. I soldiered on nonetheless because 7th Heaven had also included an Argan Oil Rescue Masque for the hair and I wanted to try the whole lot. Once the water had cooled down a bit and I was less likely to die I applied this all over my mop (after washing) and proceeded to try and relax whilst watching a film on my Macbook - which then decided to die after 2 minutes. 

So, I lay in the bath (that was now too cold) for a further ten minutes waiting until I could wash all these things off my head get warm and dry. Once I had, I noticed my hair smelled ah-may-zing and was extra soft, my face was definitely more moisturised and my angry spots had calmed down but the best outcome of the experience was that I smelled like a Petit Filous and a Petit Filous is good thing to smell like.  The only criticism I have of 7th Heaven is the packaging - once you've torn a pack open and used a bit, it's left open - this bugs me. I think there should be a little zip lock thing on them to avoid leaking especially when travelling however, they're so cheap that you can just buy another. As for multi-masking, this brings a whole new level to war waged against my problematic skin, I can now attack it all angles with all the masks so thanks 7th Heaven. 



  1. This is such a great idea, I think I'll have to pamper myself and give this a go. - Amy x