The life changing magic of not giving a F*ck

I spotted this book a few months back doing the rounds on instagram and had to buy it for two reasons 1. It's instagram pretty and 2. It has a swear word in the title and with a sub-title like "How to stop spending time you don't have doing things you don't want to with people you don't like" I thought I'd be able to take lots of pretty pictures for Instagram and take something from it. 

This book had me loling in the kitchen at work from the get-go with the disclaimer perfectly entitled 'a F*cking Disclaimer' (this was the first time I read a disclaimer so maybe this is something I should consider for the blog?). The book guides the reader through the steps of organising the amount of f*cks they have and using a budget to determine who and what deserves to be given a f*ck about and, who and what doesn't. Knight goes on to explain certain things that she stopped giving a f*ck about (such as buying a friend's peanut butter or attending baby showers) to things that she does give a f*ck about and, how to work out when you're being an asshole by using the NotSorry method - showing that you don't give a f*ck in a polite way that doesn't offend anyone thus making you not sorry about not giving f*ck. 

Knight explains that giving a f*ck is the equivalent of saying yes or no to the choices that we are given to do things that do or do not make us happy and, that by not giving a f*ck about the things that we don't want to, we can find happiness and more time (and f*cks to give) for the people and things that we do enjoy. The essential message of the book is to be  a little kinder to yourself rather than feel obligated to please other people - "Not giving a f*ck- crucially- means releasing yourself from the worry, anxiety, fear and guilt associated with saying no".

Whilst reading this book I realised that I stopped giving a f*ck a long time ago however, in my younger years of not giving a f*ck I hadn't applied the NotSorry method and openly shared my lack of f*cks given - p*ssing people off along the way. These days, without realising, I was already applying the NotSorry method to my life by not doing things that I don't want to with people that I don't like. However, whilst I've nailed not giving a f*ck about pointless paperwork, tummy time, birthdays or other people's relationships like a pro, I've realised that I could actually give more fucks about some things. Y'know those couple things that your spouse signs you up for and would really like to attend with them? I'm the kind of person who immediately says no when I don't want to and strongly explain my lack of f*cks for whatever the activity is, leaving Luke pretty stuck. I've learnt from this book that because I do give a f*ck about Luke I have to sacrifice some of the f*cks I have for, say Deadliest Women on Netflix to doing whatever is Luke wants. 

Although I didn't necessarily find this book useful for not giving a f*ck, I did learn that I could be a little less selfish with my f*ck budget and, more importantly I found this book hilarious; my favourite line: "Part of the reason children don't give a f*ck is that they have no life experience. Their minds are tidy because the world's bullshit is yet to be heaped upon them." If you're not an utter d*ckhed like me and do struggle with saying no without feeling rude, I genuinely think this book would help aside from the constant use of the F word (that I never got bored of) the book comes with a very profound message and honest and blunt advice rather than whimsical claptrap that just leaves you with more questions. 



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