Topman Fragrances

It's not very often that I get the chance to shop, between working various shifts including weekends and Issy spending all our money, the amount of time and funds I have to treat myself is limited. This month, instead of blowing half her wages on Boohoo, Issy treated me, yes me to couple of pairs of jeans from Topman - don't be thinking she's the best fiancé in the world she's terrible. All my jeans are ripped at the crotch and I was long over due some new pairs. Anyway, she thought it would be a good idea to buy me a pair of leggings - I'm partial to a pair of skinny jeans but these were ridiculous, as much as I like too keep up with fashion, I would also like to keep my balls. After laughing at the fact that I couldn't sit down, or walk, or breath we agreed it would be best if I returned the leggings so one morning last week I went into town, jeans in one hand Issy's debit card in the other...revenge is sweet, so sweet.

Once I'd returned said leggings I couldn't find a pair of jeans I liked that wouldn't risk losing my manhood but I decided that that money was mine; as well as being low on funds, time, wardrobe space, personal space and general privacy, I'm also dangerously low on aftershave and due to the afore mentioned lack of funds, I decided to pick up a couple of bottles of the Topman Fragrances in Sport and Amber (last year I bought Issy some of the Newlook fragrances, they turned out alright so I thought the same would apply to these). 

Sport Eu De Toilette 

The first fragrance to catch my eye (or nose) was Sport first of all, my favourite colour is green so naturally I was drawn to this because what other reason do you need? I can't find a professional description of this fragrance so bear with me whilst I try and make this sound intelligent. It smells refreshing, almost citrus like with an undertone of grass? The scent is light yet strong enough to be noticed and not overwhelming. I find this and ideal every day fragrance there's something about the revitalising finish that makes me feel more awake and clean. It's certainly and ideal fragrance to wear to carry through the day until evening. 

Amber Eu De Toilette 

Amber is a heavier fragrance much more suited for evening wear with an obvious base note of Amber, it has the similar refreshing results as Sport but with a warmer fragrance that I can only describe as woody and more earthy as opposed to the grassy scent of Sport. 

Both fragrances retail at £10 each which is perfectly reasonable for what they are. As we know Eu De Toilette is never as lasting as Eu De Parfum so an extra spritz throughout the day / evening is always needed but the product certainly doesn't disappoint. Online, Topman only have three fragrances available however, I noticed a couple of others in store as well as Boots, and Perfume Click selling a couple of others from what seems to the same collection. Based how well these scents settle and last, I'm keen to try more from Topman so keep your eyes peeled for some more Topman fragrance reviews. 



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