Aloe Clear*

Aloe there, lets talk about ingrown hairs and how annoying there are because my god are they annoying! As you all know, I've been in the process of zap zapping my hair away with my Smoothskin Gold IPL which is all well and good but sore ingrown hairs can throw a spanner in the works of hair removal. Thankfully, Aloe Clear have created this little wonder that keeps those ingrown hairs at bay whilst giving your recently razored skin a little soothing sensitivity. We all know that I'm a little Hairy McLary from Donaldson's Dairy (if you don't understand that reference, did you even have a childhood?) and with that in mind removing the old moustache can by risky business; whilst I don't want to look like a hipster male with a big bushy beard I also don't want to walk around with a sore bumpy face that only emphasises the fact that I did look like a hipster male with a big bushy beard.

This stuff essentially works like a roll-on deoderant, in the sense that it has a roll-on applicator (it doesn't beat B.O. but it smells alright). Simply roll on to the required area and rejoice in the tingly cooling sensation of calmed skin. Luke has also been using it (and putting it back in the wrong place afterwards) he's found it's also worked wonders on his beard - Luke tends to dry shave with his clippers and finds that his skin almost red raw afterwards for a few hours however, after applying the Aloe Clear to his neck his skin was soothed instantly and the redness almost immediately faded. I've also used this on days where my skin has randomly decided to go red and blotchy for no good reason regardless of whether I've recently waxed or shaved etc. the area and found it calms it instantly. I was given the 60ml Aloe Clear - perfect for larger areas and a few of the Aloe Clear Shave Savers which are perfect for handbags - This was great to use after I got my eyebrows done as I had something on hand to immediately reduce the redness and the teeny roller ball meant that I could apply to the most needed areas without having to smear my make-up all over my face, I've also shoved pot in Luke's bag as he has quite a close hair cut and comes out of the barbers a little red again, this'll be perfect for these moments. If you're suffering from sensitive skin or have the tendency to shave your legs like a psychopath and end up covered up in sore lumps, I highly recommend getting some of this. Click here to have a closer look at Aloe Clear's range. 



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