Chaturday | feeling s.a.d

I've had to have another little life overhaul lately, the fact that this has had to happen again speaks volumes about my willpower and self-discipline but I'm working on it nonetheless. Since just before the clocks went back I became really sluggish, I started barely getting up in time for work, doing nothing in the evenings other than sitting on the bed staring at social media and barely leaving the house at the weekend. Although I was doing nothing, I felt absolutely exhausted all the time. Even after a coffee I didn't feel awake, my eyes felt as though I had just woken up making me feel grubby at work. I couldn't concentrate on any tasks and was making daft mistakes due to my lack of attention to detail. 

I'm not normally like that, usually I bounce out of bed in the morning like a disney princess - singing and everything and skip to work like it's nothing. I used to go to the gym at least 4 times a week, keep on top of the housework and be a nice person to be around. I soon realised that there was something wrong. I wasn't just being a lazy cow, I was genuinely drained and something needed to change. 

I started with my diet, I'm not a particularly hungry person and tended to skip breakfast entirely (mostly because I was late) and just have a cuppa soup and some Babybel for work. I realised that this was barely the energising midday meal I needed to make give me some energy in the afternoons and made some fresh salads every day, having a box of crispy veg to munch on at lunch time made  a slight difference and I felt slightly more alert in the afternoons. I still wasn't waking up nor did I have the energy or motivation to do much in the evenings other than eat, wash and sleep. My blog hasn't suffered too much thanks to my super strict schedule but I haven't been as half as active on social media as I'd like. 

I started looking up my symptoms on the internet and aside from instant death there were a few possible explanations for my fatigue, the most logical and realistic was an Iron deficiency however after having my bloods tested recently I was unconvinced that this was the issue. I remembered that when I was younger I would feel grumpy in the colder months and my Granddad would act the same, my Mum and Grandma would half jokingly say that we had S.A.D because we're summer babies and love the sun. I started to look into S.A.D more and the symptoms almost perfectly matched how I've been feeling. 

I have mixed feelings about disorders so am a little dubious about claiming to have one. This is due to the amount of people that use them to excuse certain behaviours or glamourise them for popularity so I looked at it from a more scientific perspective. The sun is our best source of vitamin D and lack of such a vital vitamin can cause various symptoms including mine specifically, sluggishness and gut problems (combined with a poor diet). Supplements are something that I have also been a little dubious about assuming that I have a balanced enough diet to get all the nutrients I needed I thought they were unnecessary. 

Not anymore, since taking folic acid for other reasons I've started to understand vitamins a little more and be more in tune with what my body needs. I haven't been eating more foods rich in vitamin D (aside from too much cheese which has had the reverse affect due to other issues) since we've been having less sun so my body has naturally suffered. I began taking the recommended 10mcg dose of vitamin D each day along with some zinc (something that I know I am also lacking) and after three days I feel so much better. I woke up naturally at a decent time yesterday, there was no shock-jolting out of bed at the offensive sound of my alarm and I didn't feel like passing out at my desk. My energy has lasted all day, so much so that it's a Friday evening and I have enough motivation to start writing this. I've almost completed two outstanding assignments at work and I'm finally ready to go back to the gym. 

I think it's pretty safe to say that I do have S.A.D, I haven't bothered getting an official diagnosis because with something there's not much that can be done other than what I am doing and I'm already doing it. However, I don't recommend self-diagnosing and if you're really suffering go and have a chat with your doctor to rule out any underlying more serious issues. In the meantime, if you're feeling a little sluggish like I was have a little think about what your body could be needing and missing...caffeine can only carry you so far. 



  1. I was looking into this recently as well, and for some reason skipped vitamins and went straight to 'I need a sun lamp'. Definitely going to try things your way and see if it helps. It's always worth a try. I feel the same when it comes to disorders, but at the same time we need to look after ourselves and if we're missing something, we might as well try to make it better ourselves.

    Tina x