Natural Facemasks

A few weeks ago my ever problematic skin gave up the ghost, on Halloween to be precise, oh the irony. After a week of my skin flaking away, having one incredibly dandruffy eyebrow and losing my sh*t, I resorted to looking for natural remedies because being a blogger and having skin that changes type as often as I change my underwear (that's daily FYI), means that I have a plethora of moisturisers for all skin ailments and not one was doing the job. At the same time, I asked Luke to shove some batteries in my light up mirror, what with it being dark in the mornings these days. The thing is, that mirror's 5X magnifying which means I can see every illuminated blackhead covering my giant crusty moon five times the size. it's a depressing sight to say the least. 

Bicarbonate of Soda  

I googled natural remedies for bad skin and a plethora of  recipes came up with a host of 'everyday' household essentials - half of them I've never heard of so I guess I'm not an adult. One cure for balckheads stood out to me and that was the old Bicarbonate of Soda mask. This made utter sense to me because I use this stuff to unblock my dodgy bathroom sink so using it to unblock my dodgy pores is they way to go. 

Recipe wise, there's not much to it, just shove enough Bicarb and water together to make a paste that sticks to your face and doesn't run down it and all over your PJ's and fresh bedding. Massage it into your face for bit - I may have gone slightly overboard with the massaging and went for around five minutes, stop when it starts to get scratchy because that's never good for your face in situations like this. Once you feel like you've rubbed your face enough, rinse it off and have a looke - preferably in a 5x magnifying mirror to get the full effect. I was dead impressed with this, my face looked a lot less like something out of one of those Trypophobia test videos and more like an actual human face. My multitude of blackheads had dramatically reduced more so than any of those strips I've previously treid. So, if you've got a blackhead infestation, I highly recommend shoving some of this stuff on your face. Don't do it too often though, it's dead drying. 

Honey & Lemon

Honey and lemon helps colds, so why not your skin? I already have a lot of experience in the healing wonders of honey from when I picked up my curling tongue the wrong way around a couple of years ago and burn't my finger tips. It was only after a day of sobbing and walking around with my hand stuck in a mixing bowl of water that I resorted to Dr Google and shoved my hand in a jar of honey instead - there was immediate relief and the next day I was as right as rain albeit with slightly swollen finger tips. With this in mind, I squeezed half a lemon and put a couple of tea spoons of honey in a bowl and then smeared it all over my face. I then wandered around the flat for a bit with a very sticky face but it was worth it. The honey was surprisingly easy to rinse off and once done, my skin was much calmer than it was previously. My blemishes were reduced to nothing and my skin felt well, normal again. It didn't work like some miracle moisturiser and I still had some dry patches but it felt well on the way to being able to wear foundation again. I even shoved some in my hair because, why not?



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