The Battle of the Foundations Ft Urban Decay

Aside from having such high quality products, the excellent customer service that I receive from the ladies in Debehams in Bedford always makes me go back. The team are so friendly and professional and always make the effort to give each customer a thorough consultation even on a Saturday afternoon when they're clearly rushed off their feet and they don't try and push you to buy all their products... then again, they don't have to, Urban Decay speaks for itself. 

Those of you who are frequent visitors to the Blogosphere should be well aware of Urban Decay’s All Nighter foundation by now as every blogger and her cat seems to have their paws on it. And I don’t blame them. Since last June, when I first tried Naked Skin, I have had total faith in UD’s products and was an eager beaver to have a bash at All Nighter. 

I wanted to snap this up as soon as it came out but my skin was going through another one of its meltdowns where a matte full-coverage foundation would’ve just been one massive joke. Instead, I stocked up on some more Naked Skin and rode the waves of my problematic skin for another month.  Now that I have temporarily exorcised the demons from my face, I think it’s about bloody time I treated my skin to some new foundation and I’m pretty pleased I did. 

For those of you that don’t know, the difference between All Nighter and Naked Skin in the finish and coverage. All Nighter offers full coverage with a matte finish whereas Naked Skin has less coverage with a demi-matte finish and a more natural look rather than the ‘made up’ look of All Nighter. Both foundations provide a light and breathable feel which makes the skin feel weightless regardless of the amount of coverage provided. 

Whilst Naked Skin has a buildable formula, All Nighter is three times as pigmented meaning one layer provides a full-coverage and less product is used (ker-ching). Due to the hype, I was anticipating a proper made up look when using All Nighter but it is surprisingly natural – you definitely need a contour / bit of blusher when using it to avoid looking unwell due to the coverage but the look certainly isn’t too heavy / overdone and suitable for day-wear. Another bonus to All Nighter is the waterproof element – I’m trying to think of an instance where I really need a waterproof foundation but the option is nice all the same. 

There isn’t a loser with these two foundations on the market, both cater to my skin’s varying needs in different ways – It’s great that UD have given me the option to switch my look up a little with two varying products but I can’t say that either is necessary better than the other as I’m sure I’ll be needing my trusty old Naked Skin soon. I guess the high pigmentation in All Nighter means that less product is used thus saving money in comparison to Naked Skin which may sway it slightly more into my favour however, I don't like to run the risk of just matte products to fall back on with my untrustworthy skin. You can’t really go wrong with Urban Decay – you get a high-end foundation for a more than reasonable price and now there’s a little more variety in your choice.



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