Winter Skincare Essentials

Firstly, apologies for the terrible photography in this post. It's not my strongpoint on the brightest of days but y'know winter. Along with my shoddy photography my skin tends to get worse in the colder months but finally, at the ripe age of 26, I think I'm beginning to find my holy grail products that stop me from flaking away into the winter breeze. 

Benefit It's Potent 

I mentioned this beauty ages ago and the fact I'm bringing up again says enough really. I'm a bit very inconsistent when it comes to applying eye cream, something I'm going to regret when I become haggled but in the winter I do step my game up. During these months I squint a lot, not due to bad eye sight well, not completely but more because for around three months of the year I am never fully awake. I am supposed to hibernate, I'm sure of it. After a day of pretending I'm an awake and functioning human, I like to sooth my tired and strained eyes with some of this before I crawl into my beloved bed. Benefit Ready Set Brow

I'll give you second to LOL at this photo. 
Another Benefit beauty to add to the collection and yes, it's a sample pot because I'm too tight to go and buy full sized one - it's nearly Christmas. This is a setting gel makes sure your brows don't end up running down your face when a drop of rain lands in in them. It protects from smudging and pomade in place perfectly as well as helping comb those stray hairs into firm place with it's wand. Ideal for keeping brows on point. 


Oh Carmex, the saviour of the crusty lips. I literally slather my problematic lips in this before bed. Luke's not too keen on it bit it's the price we pay for dark matte lip season and what is winter without dark matte lips? 

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion +

Longest name ever, I tend to call this one the Yellow Clinique one. My newest holy grail product and one I've used for a while yet completely underestimated. Remember at the beginning of the month when my skin got so bad that I smothered it in food? Although that did add some relief, I remembered that I had a mini version of this hanging about and thought I'd give it a bash without the other products mentioned in the three-step routine and to my surprise within 12 hours my skin was silky smooth. I decided to break the bank and buy a l25ml pot because let's face it, I'm incapable of sticking to a proper routine. 

Rimmel In-Shower Self Tan

For those of you who like to have a than all year round, this stuff is perfect! I'v previously reviewed the St Tropez one when it was on offer in Superdrug and was thrilled to find this one for a fraction of the price and with less time needed to stand outside the shower in the cold. The application is fool-proof, shower as normal, step out, apply this like moisturiser, stand around like an idiot for a minute, jump back and rinse off. The only tricky part with this is not breaking your neck getting in and out of the shower.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Body Butter 

The ultimate winter body butter - keeps your skin buttery smooth and moisturised. I f you haven't already got some of this miracle mousturiser knocking about add it your Christmas wish list because our pals over at S&G have some cracking (see what I did there) gift sets about. 



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