Friday, 30 December 2016

What I got for Christmas

I always feel a little tw*ttish writing these posts, showing off all my Christmas swag just seems a little selfish and materialistic but I love reading these kind of posts and they make good content for this weird time between Christmas and New Year when I don't what day it is or who I am anymore. This year was another perfect Christmas, Luke and I spent it with his family which was a little alien to me what with them being southern and all but we had an amazing time and I was spoilt rotten by him and his family. 

Luke and his parents got me the most thoughtful gifts and I was touched at how personal and perfect they were. After months of banging on about how much I love Dan Jones and watching every documentary of his I could possibly find, Luke bought me a Dan Jones book about the Magna Carta that I can't wait to read. He also treated me to some perfume, a black cat make-up bag that reminds me of my Charles and a stunning rose gold Radley watch. His parents got me a ridiculous amount or presents including some body shop perfume, some Pants for Poverty (which you'll hear about at a later date) and these gorgeous fox print PJ's that I had coincidentally also got my Mum. We don't seem to have gotten over the novelty of our surname in our family just yet. Christmas Day with Luke's family was spent drinking (a little too much) watching films, stand up shows talking and laughing and a poker game, that I didn't take part in because I was onto my second nap of the day. The day after Boxing Day we headed up North to spend a few days with my lot.

We had a fantastic time with my family which included two buffets, a roast, playing heads up with grandparents and drinking a little too much port with my Mum. My family proved how well they know me with my gifts; My Mum (as always) got me the Soap and Glory Whole Glam Lot set, I love the case in this year's set - it's perfect for packing all my make-up bits in when I'm on the go. My Auntie - the queen of Pandora spoilt me with this Princess Charm because she knows I'm a Diva and My Mum's Cat and Dog (yes you read that correctly) got me the best present ever - a Costa voucher. 
My cousins know all about my blog and make-up addiction and treated me to some make-up sets, a stunning bath set that perfectly matches by bathroom (yes, that's important) as well as this Younique Fibre Lash Mascara set that I am loving (post coming soon). My Grandparents got me much needed Yankee candle and I even got my niece's recent school picture. 

After such a fantastic Christmas full of laughter, alcohol and far too much food, I'm ready to take the decorations down and get our flat back in order in preparation for the year ahead - with nice soft skin and flawless lashes. 


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