Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Spooky Halloween Look

Ironically, I don't do much for Halloween, not these days anyway. When I was little I used to have a Halloween party because my birthday fell during the summer holidays when everyone was away, there's been a few occasions in my adult life where I've gone out out but going out out really isn't my scene. So you might be wondering why I'm getting all glammed up in my PJs on a Sunday afternoon...

Why the hell not! 

For this look I used some face stickers from Primark, lashes and the much talked about Loreal Cheryl Lipkits.

Primark Face Stickers 

It was noticing these stickers strategically placed near the tills (I see what you did there Primark) that inspired me to create a halloween themed look. For only £2 I thought I might as well give them a bash and see how easy the are to use. Surprisingly, they're dead easy to shove on your face; I assumed that the top head piece was one large sticker but each gem is individual which means that they take a hell of a lot longer to apply but also that you can change the look a little (especially if you drop a gem or two) - do be careful when using these sets though as removing one gem from the set can cause the others to come undone and ping across the room, land on the floor, get covered in cat hair and ruin your look a little. I wore these for a good few hours because I wasn't going to waste all that effort, they managed to stay in place for the duration of a film and dinner, none fell off and they all peeled off satisfyingly easy. Well done Primark. 

Primark Lashes

I dunno, I can't really tell you much about these. I'm shite at applying lashes and hate wearing them. After four tantrums, a very gluey hand and an intense therapy session I managed to get them stuck to my face. I liked the overall look of the lashes and have a massive appreciation for people who wear these on the daily. I won't lie though, I didn't keep them on for long, as soon as I'd taken eight hundred and forty seven awful selfies I soon peeled them off and shoved them in the bin but it was a pound well wasted. 

Cheryl's Lipkit (burgundy) - Boots 

I got my hands on one of these much hyped lipkits by our Chezza, I wasn't buzzing about this product because of Chez (soz hun) but because it's a proper bargain and around a pound goes to charity at the same time. Now, if your thinking that this lipkit is going to be something super different hold your horses and don't be fooled - these lipkits are just the Loreal lipfinity lip paints in a few shades that Chezza has put her name on, they're the same formula and same finish. The bargain for me lay in the price; the lip paints are usually £6.99 and the lip liners are £5.99, these lipkits are £9.99. You're saving yourself whole £2.99 theres so, you're welcome (from me and Cheryl). 


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  1. even though i liked how her makeup looked after it was done awesome reading that not only i mysefl but alot someone else alos struggles to get things right and is not a pro at everything in the first go really like the choice of her makeup because they'r highend and light on pockets.


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