Sunday, 23 August 2015

RIP Coffee

It is undeniable that health is pretty damn important. I'm not the kind of person that takes my health too seriously which is pretty bad when you think about it. I don't exercise as regularly as I should and I can almost drink my sailor under the table. I've been known to smoke and have a penchant for full fat coke, have a love affair with potatoes and have to have Pasta Bake physically taken away from me because I will eat the whole family sized dish, hence my much rounded figure over a year ago.

It has come to my attention since having a slimmer figure that. I suffer from mild IBS. After noticing love handles popping back up and my stomach getting podgy I realised that I was also suffering from cramps and the other stuff that comes with IBS I realised that I hadn't gained fat, it was actually bloat due to my bowel being p*ssed with off me.

I discussed this with my Doctor after that other horrendous encounter that you can read about here 
The Doctor started quizzing me about my diet and together we came to the realisation that I was massively over-consuming coffee, it turns out the average amount of coffee that a person should be drinking in a day is 2-3 cups, I was drinking around 8-9, it is suggested that over 4 cups a day can increase your risk of developing colon cancer and with already having IBS this was a pretty shocking thought. I immediately got myself a pot of de-caff coffee to have in the office and restricted myself to 1-2 (depending how early I manage to get up) cups in the morning before work. During the first few days I started to suffer awful headaches by around 2:00pm, obviously due to the lack of caffeine in my system, this again, was shocking as I wasn't even aware I had a caffeine addiction. I pressed on and ignored the headaches and started to feel better within a few days. Although I was drowsier and yawning a lot more than usual in the afternoons I wasn't running up to the loo about to wet myself every half hour and my tummy wasn't causing myself as much upset as usual.

I was still suffering from a little bloat and those other symptoms so my next plan of action was to cut out milk. I'm not a massive milk drinker in general and just had a splash in my coffee but, when I'm having around 8-9 cups a day that must be pushing a pint. As soon as the milk was cut out, I immediately noticed a difference. My stomach went down, the other symptoms dramatically subsided and I feel much better in myself.

I've always thought that those people who are lactose, glucose, wheat, grain and anything that tastes nice free were being a little dramatic when they said how healthier they were but now, I can understand it. I will definitely be sticking to my new decaf and milk free coffee life and also researching what else I could do to make myself feel a little better. However, I certainly won't be denying myself cookies, crisps, chocolate, cake, pasta, chips, pizza or fizzy drinks....everything in moderation of course.


Saturday, 15 August 2015

You know you're a Grown-Up when

There was a time, many moons ago when not going out on a Saturday was unusual and getting up before 1:00pm was too early. These days life is very different, even though I feel like a small child trapped in a grown-up's body pretending to be older there are so many ways in which I have grown up.

You know you're a grown up when:

1. You can have one glass of wine as a treat whilst doing the housework on a Saturday afternoon without downing bottle thinking you're a pussy cat girl.

2. You willingly do the housework and actually look forward to the Shake 'n Vac part because you know that sh*t brings the freshness back

3. You watch the top 10 charts on MTV and have no idea who anyone is or any of the words to the noise they're making

4. More grown up grown up's talk to you like a grown up because you are actually a grown up

5. You still have money in your bank at the end of the month because you're almost good at managing your finances

6. You have to arrange meetings with friends weeks, if not months in advance because they have kids, you have work or any other grown up commitments.

7. When you do prise yourself off the sofa and out of your dressing to go on a night out with said friends that was planned six months beforehand you realise that everyone in the club is 12 and you're 50

8. You feel spoilt when Sainsubury's send their money off coupons through the post because you're proud of the commitment you made to make the effort to get your loyalty card out of your purse when Customer Assistant asks you if you have one at the till rather than saying you don't

9. You smile at the Lidle advert when they compare weekly shop prices with Tesco's because you've tried it and you know its true

10. You actually do your weeks washing on a Saturday morning rather than lie in bed watching everything on Netflix

11. You genuinely develop a slight addiction to coffee because it gets you through the day

12. Going to bed after 11:00pm is considered a late night

13. You hate Summer Holidays because town is full of teenage girls over-laughing at each other and thinking that being embarrassing is cool

14. You don't get asked for ID when buying that much needed bottle of wine on a Friday evening after work

15. You start paying into your pension

16. You realise that the 15 year olds being loud in town when you're on your lunch break during the summer holidays were born in 2000; a year when you were scared that the Millenium Bug was going to blow up your PC and stop you from playing Theme Hospital

17. You see your nephew navigating his way around a games console and realise that when you were his age you could barely colour between the lines

18. If you had a baby, no one would say you're too young

19. You're older than the majority of the Big Brother housemates, you're older than Little Mix!

20. Sixteen year olds are contouring and have on point make-up, when you were their age you'd plucked your eyebrows away and wore Dream Matte Mousse and thought you were Beyonce


Colouring in for Grownups


As soon as this Bandwagon rolled by I couldn't wait to hop on it. I saw this Colouring in book in The Works for £6.00, to me, that was a bit pricey for a colouring in book but then again, I never bought mine as a child so definitely I don't really have a clue on what's too expensive and this one had a fox on the cover so I bought it. I also got the coloured pencils for £1.50. I was a bit dubious about this, being an avid colourer-inner as a child meant that I was a snob when it came to pencils, the lead was always broken inside cheap ones so I insisted on getting mine from Partners. Anyway, maybe I have a softer hand in my old age because these haven't broken or snapped....yet.

I didn't really take notice of all the claims of how thereputic colouring in is from grown ups because I didn't want to do it for that reason. I'm one of those grown-ups that has no problem with playing, when I see my Niece and Nephews I am the first to get down and play with them, whether it be trains, princesses, wrestling or even colouring in I can still get lost in a world of imagination. However, after sitting in the garden with my colouring in book, scribbling away listenting to my music I can genuinly say it was thoroughly relaxing and a welcome break from sitting on the sofa watching the soaps and scrolling through my Instagram and Social Media feeds. It's all too easy for our generation to get lost in a land of technology, crap TV and selfies. I was brought up with four TV channels and spent my summers in the garden playing Barbies, drawing and planting things in the greenhouse.

Sitting in the garden shading in the intricate patterns seen in this book took me back to my childhood, all the stresses of being a grown up were put to one side and all that mattered was shading in the next section with the right colour. So, I would recommend colouring in to anyone who is looking for an escape and way to relax (and who can stay between the lines).


Monday, 10 August 2015

Birthday Treats

It was my Birthday last month and safe to say I was completley spoilt by everyone around me and had one of the best Birthday's I've had in a long time.

I arrived at work to find my Boss had put banners up on the Staff Kitchen and left a bag full of goodies for me on the table. She had got me a Yankee Candle, a lovely mug, the cutest small make-up bag, a dream catcher with my name on and a box of Fererro Rocher (which, surprisingly is still rather full). My bestest work buddy treated me to a bottle of Pimms and I treated myself to a sneaky trip to Costa for a Birthday Hazelnut Latte.

When I got home, I found a banner on the outside of the door and card on the floor on the inside instructing me to go into the living room, Luke appeared with a Treasure Map and told me I had to hunt around the house for my presents. He had wrapped up all sorts of little gifts for me ranging from Toilet Roll to the cutest Cat and Dog print Umbrella (he had put up with me moaning about not being able to find my old one for weeks) He also wrapped up body sprays, shampoo and conditioners, chocolates and a new book that I can't wait to get stuck into. My Mum knows the score and got me The Soap and Glory Birthday Box that comes with 2 full-sized products and a sponge-thing.

My Mum and Luke had decorated the house with Balloons and Banners and lit 25 scented tea lights and dotted them around the living room. I was then presented with a birght pink Princess Birthday cake with a REAL LIFE Tiara, I ended the evening with a Pina Colada and a Chinese whilst watching a film with those two. It was pretty perfect day and after sitting with a big Chinese belly and a Tiara, I definitley felt like a Princess.

My Birthday didn't end there, my cousin and sent me a huge (very poorly put together) box in the post filled to the brim with Princess related Items, all of which I am genuinely using and thrilled with regardless of the fact I am receiving the same presents as my 4 year old niece, My Princess Pack consited of, a Disney Princess Shower Gel, Small Tiara (for day-to-day wearing), a Disney Princess Diary, Disney Perfume (that actually smells alright), a Frozen Sponge, Frozen cup (that is the only thing I will now drink my water from), a wand, a box of Frozen chocolates and 2 bags of Haribo. 

Thank you to everyone who made this Birthday perfect xx


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Hun

The Hun (The half up bun) is the latest hair trend to be gripping celebs by the tops of their heads. It’s time to throw away your donuts Ladies because this messy half-up do is the latest way to wear your hair.

After murdering my hair about a year ago, I’ve just been grateful to have long healthy locks again so have been pretty boring when it comes to hair styles, mainly sticking to having it down either straight or waved, in a French braid when it’s too greasy to have down and just screwed up on top of my head when I can’t be bothered.

 It is claimed that the Hun makes the wearer look younger, having turned a quarter of a century old, I’m willing to try anything (that doesn’t involve a knife, needle, blood or snail slime –wtf is up with that) to not look old and, to be honest, I quite like the boho relaxed look but, can I pull it off? 


Monday, 3 August 2015

Bert the Bard

This is quick post dedicated to my Little Pal Bert. He's an 8 year old Border Terrier and the absolute Apple of my Mum's eye. He's also a very talented little Border Terrier and has his own Blog where he publishes his poetry which, can be found here

He has all the popular Social Media sites which is pretty impressive considering he doesn't have thumbs...

Twitter: @BertBorder 
Instagram: @bert_the_bard 
Facebook Page: Bert The Bard


Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Doctor's Visit every woman dreads

Photo: Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

There is nothing more important in the world than your health! At the age of 25 every woman (registered with a GP) gets a lovely letter from the NHS inviting them to attend what's described as some kind of clinical S&M session. I haven't had mine yet (I've only been 25 for 2 weeks) I have however, got up close and personal with a Doctor very recently. 

I cannot stress enough the importance of women keeping an eye on their bits. I hate the term "survivor" but my Mum had the full-house, she went all out and got Ovarian, Uterine and Cervical cancer. She's somewhat of a lady bits pro (although she now has not bits left). This isn't some kind of heart wrenching survival story; it's simply a commentary on the complete and awkwardness involved in getting rummaged around down there by your Doctor. 

It is absolutely mortifying; there is nothing worse than climbing onto a bed covered in a big sheet of kitchen roll and having someone start "preparing" what looks like a rocket to put up your Hoo Ha. The Speculum, which should be given a friendlier name like, Foo Foo checker is launched (gently inserted) into there as you lie there like something not too dissimilar from the corpse of Mr Toad, with the soles of your feet placed together in some kind of foot prayer begging for mercy. Just as you think it couldn’t get any worse, a cranking sound is heard like something from Silent Hill, the Doctor becomes one of those faceless nurses and you anticipate the walls flaking away and a guy with a cone head and big sword to walk in the room…

What happens is much worse, the rocket is removed, and as you breathe a sigh of relief the words “feel” and “around” are heard you watch as Wreck it Ralph puts on his gloves and explains how he’s going to feel between your Ovaries…yep, BETWEEN YOUR OVARIES.

This, calls for another foot prayer and as you close your eyes wishing you had the rocket back there because, Ralph’s gargantuan hands crawling up what definitely must be your oesophagus by now was, more bearable and less personal than this.

As horrific and traumatising as the event is, imagine discovering you’re infertile later on in life after months of attempting to conceive, imagine having all your reproductive organs removed in a bid to save your life because you had Ovarian Cancer, Imaging dying because you didn’t go to the Doctor when you were advised to for a quick, awkward and uncomfortable procedure that could save your life.

1/3 of women in their 20’s don’t go for their Smear Tests, the number of women aged between 25 -30 diagnosed with Cervical Cancer has risen by 4.8 percent in the space of a year according to Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, this is due to the falling numbers of young women having Cervical Screening tests. Shockingly 1/3 young women are not being screened for Cervical Cancer in the UK.

So Ladies, don’t be that 1/3, pull your big girl panties up (or down) and  go and get tested, prodded, checked, poked, embarrassed, humiliated and made uncomfortable for the benefit if your health. If you’re under 25 and feel that you’d like to get checked by a Doctor, book an appointment with your GP, there is nothing stopping you from getting any help you need and it so worth it. 

All statistics were provided by Jo's Cancer Trust. 

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