Birthday Treats

It was my Birthday last month and safe to say I was completley spoilt by everyone around me and had one of the best Birthday's I've had in a long time.

I arrived at work to find my Boss had put banners up on the Staff Kitchen and left a bag full of goodies for me on the table. She had got me a Yankee Candle, a lovely mug, the cutest small make-up bag, a dream catcher with my name on and a box of Fererro Rocher (which, surprisingly is still rather full). My bestest work buddy treated me to a bottle of Pimms and I treated myself to a sneaky trip to Costa for a Birthday Hazelnut Latte.

When I got home, I found a banner on the outside of the door and card on the floor on the inside instructing me to go into the living room, Luke appeared with a Treasure Map and told me I had to hunt around the house for my presents. He had wrapped up all sorts of little gifts for me ranging from Toilet Roll to the cutest Cat and Dog print Umbrella (he had put up with me moaning about not being able to find my old one for weeks) He also wrapped up body sprays, shampoo and conditioners, chocolates and a new book that I can't wait to get stuck into. My Mum knows the score and got me The Soap and Glory Birthday Box that comes with 2 full-sized products and a sponge-thing.

My Mum and Luke had decorated the house with Balloons and Banners and lit 25 scented tea lights and dotted them around the living room. I was then presented with a birght pink Princess Birthday cake with a REAL LIFE Tiara, I ended the evening with a Pina Colada and a Chinese whilst watching a film with those two. It was pretty perfect day and after sitting with a big Chinese belly and a Tiara, I definitley felt like a Princess.

My Birthday didn't end there, my cousin and sent me a huge (very poorly put together) box in the post filled to the brim with Princess related Items, all of which I am genuinely using and thrilled with regardless of the fact I am receiving the same presents as my 4 year old niece, My Princess Pack consited of, a Disney Princess Shower Gel, Small Tiara (for day-to-day wearing), a Disney Princess Diary, Disney Perfume (that actually smells alright), a Frozen Sponge, Frozen cup (that is the only thing I will now drink my water from), a wand, a box of Frozen chocolates and 2 bags of Haribo. 

Thank you to everyone who made this Birthday perfect xx

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