Colouring in for Grownups


As soon as this Bandwagon rolled by I couldn't wait to hop on it. I saw this Colouring in book in The Works for £6.00, to me, that was a bit pricey for a colouring in book but then again, I never bought mine as a child so definitely I don't really have a clue on what's too expensive and this one had a fox on the cover so I bought it. I also got the coloured pencils for £1.50. I was a bit dubious about this, being an avid colourer-inner as a child meant that I was a snob when it came to pencils, the lead was always broken inside cheap ones so I insisted on getting mine from Partners. Anyway, maybe I have a softer hand in my old age because these haven't broken or snapped....yet.

I didn't really take notice of all the claims of how thereputic colouring in is from grown ups because I didn't want to do it for that reason. I'm one of those grown-ups that has no problem with playing, when I see my Niece and Nephews I am the first to get down and play with them, whether it be trains, princesses, wrestling or even colouring in I can still get lost in a world of imagination. However, after sitting in the garden with my colouring in book, scribbling away listenting to my music I can genuinly say it was thoroughly relaxing and a welcome break from sitting on the sofa watching the soaps and scrolling through my Instagram and Social Media feeds. It's all too easy for our generation to get lost in a land of technology, crap TV and selfies. I was brought up with four TV channels and spent my summers in the garden playing Barbies, drawing and planting things in the greenhouse.

Sitting in the garden shading in the intricate patterns seen in this book took me back to my childhood, all the stresses of being a grown up were put to one side and all that mattered was shading in the next section with the right colour. So, I would recommend colouring in to anyone who is looking for an escape and way to relax (and who can stay between the lines).

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