RIP Coffee

It is undeniable that health is pretty damn important. I'm not the kind of person that takes my health too seriously which is pretty bad when you think about it. I don't exercise as regularly as I should and I can almost drink my sailor under the table. I've been known to smoke and have a penchant for full fat coke, have a love affair with potatoes and have to have Pasta Bake physically taken away from me because I will eat the whole family sized dish, hence my much rounded figure over a year ago.

It has come to my attention since having a slimmer figure that. I suffer from mild IBS. After noticing love handles popping back up and my stomach getting podgy I realised that I was also suffering from cramps and the other stuff that comes with IBS I realised that I hadn't gained fat, it was actually bloat due to my bowel being p*ssed with off me.

I discussed this with my Doctor after that other horrendous encounter that you can read about here 
The Doctor started quizzing me about my diet and together we came to the realisation that I was massively over-consuming coffee, it turns out the average amount of coffee that a person should be drinking in a day is 2-3 cups, I was drinking around 8-9, it is suggested that over 4 cups a day can increase your risk of developing colon cancer and with already having IBS this was a pretty shocking thought. I immediately got myself a pot of de-caff coffee to have in the office and restricted myself to 1-2 (depending how early I manage to get up) cups in the morning before work. During the first few days I started to suffer awful headaches by around 2:00pm, obviously due to the lack of caffeine in my system, this again, was shocking as I wasn't even aware I had a caffeine addiction. I pressed on and ignored the headaches and started to feel better within a few days. Although I was drowsier and yawning a lot more than usual in the afternoons I wasn't running up to the loo about to wet myself every half hour and my tummy wasn't causing myself as much upset as usual.

I was still suffering from a little bloat and those other symptoms so my next plan of action was to cut out milk. I'm not a massive milk drinker in general and just had a splash in my coffee but, when I'm having around 8-9 cups a day that must be pushing a pint. As soon as the milk was cut out, I immediately noticed a difference. My stomach went down, the other symptoms dramatically subsided and I feel much better in myself.

I've always thought that those people who are lactose, glucose, wheat, grain and anything that tastes nice free were being a little dramatic when they said how healthier they were but now, I can understand it. I will definitely be sticking to my new decaf and milk free coffee life and also researching what else I could do to make myself feel a little better. However, I certainly won't be denying myself cookies, crisps, chocolate, cake, pasta, chips, pizza or fizzy drinks....everything in moderation of course.

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