You know you're a Grown-Up when

There was a time, many moons ago when not going out on a Saturday was unusual and getting up before 1:00pm was too early. These days life is very different, even though I feel like a small child trapped in a grown-up's body pretending to be older there are so many ways in which I have grown up.

You know you're a grown up when:

1. You can have one glass of wine as a treat whilst doing the housework on a Saturday afternoon without downing bottle thinking you're a pussy cat girl.

2. You willingly do the housework and actually look forward to the Shake 'n Vac part because you know that sh*t brings the freshness back

3. You watch the top 10 charts on MTV and have no idea who anyone is or any of the words to the noise they're making

4. More grown up grown up's talk to you like a grown up because you are actually a grown up

5. You still have money in your bank at the end of the month because you're almost good at managing your finances

6. You have to arrange meetings with friends weeks, if not months in advance because they have kids, you have work or any other grown up commitments.

7. When you do prise yourself off the sofa and out of your dressing to go on a night out with said friends that was planned six months beforehand you realise that everyone in the club is 12 and you're 50

8. You feel spoilt when Sainsubury's send their money off coupons through the post because you're proud of the commitment you made to make the effort to get your loyalty card out of your purse when Customer Assistant asks you if you have one at the till rather than saying you don't

9. You smile at the Lidle advert when they compare weekly shop prices with Tesco's because you've tried it and you know its true

10. You actually do your weeks washing on a Saturday morning rather than lie in bed watching everything on Netflix

11. You genuinely develop a slight addiction to coffee because it gets you through the day

12. Going to bed after 11:00pm is considered a late night

13. You hate Summer Holidays because town is full of teenage girls over-laughing at each other and thinking that being embarrassing is cool

14. You don't get asked for ID when buying that much needed bottle of wine on a Friday evening after work

15. You start paying into your pension

16. You realise that the 15 year olds being loud in town when you're on your lunch break during the summer holidays were born in 2000; a year when you were scared that the Millenium Bug was going to blow up your PC and stop you from playing Theme Hospital

17. You see your nephew navigating his way around a games console and realise that when you were his age you could barely colour between the lines

18. If you had a baby, no one would say you're too young

19. You're older than the majority of the Big Brother housemates, you're older than Little Mix!

20. Sixteen year olds are contouring and have on point make-up, when you were their age you'd plucked your eyebrows away and wore Dream Matte Mousse and thought you were Beyonce

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  1. I loved and laughed at this. So true. When did becoming adult, mean so much?!