Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Whiskers & Tails pet sitting

As much as we love our furry, feathery and scaly friends and never want to leave their sides, it's not really realistic to take them everywhere with us.

My Mum's little Border Terrier, Bert (read his poetry here) is lucky enough to be carted up and down the country, everywhere that my Mum goes, he goes as often as possible. The same cannot be said for little Charles. Cat's aren't the easiest of animals to travel with, Charles isn't the easiest cat to live with!

Last Christmas my Mum, Bert and Myself were travelling up to Crewe to spend it with family. Usually we would've asked a friend or family member to pop into the house and give Charles a cuddle and some food but none live close enough to justify asking them to take time out of their Christmas to visit. 

With that in mind I started looking at local Catteries (none of which were close enough for people that don't drive) The prices were also extortionate, the usual rate for most was massive then with the added costs of it being Christmas it was completely unrealistic. 


Tuesday, 15 September 2015


I came off the Depo Provera injection in April after just one shot (one shot lasts for 12 weeks) and since then, my hormones have been having an absolute blast.


Sunday, 13 September 2015

Saturday, 12 September 2015


Last Thursday I was honoured to have been invited to the launch of Amanda Prowse's new novel, Three and a half Heartbeats at the Bankside Vaults or Pulse, in London to raise awareness for Sepsis. All proceeds from Three and a half Heartbeats are being donated to the UK Sepsis Trust.

The UK Sepsis trust was founded in 2012 by Dr Ron Daniels to raise awareness of the devastating disease, to help save lives and educate the general public as well as medical professionals.

The event was a huge success, the venue was amazing, the staff serving delicious canapes and drinks were extremely attentive and working so hard, after schmoozing with various celebrities and taking lots of photos we were ushered to the stage to listen to a reading of Three and half Heartbeats from Amanda herself. Then, we listened to one of the most heart breaking speeches I have ever witnessed by the actor Jason Watkins, reading the  report of the tragic death of his young daughter Maude.

This was the moment when sepsis became more than a word, seeing a father describe the moments up to and after his precious daughter died due to a deadly disease that we know too little about made me sick to my stomach.

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