Thursday, 8 December 2016

Bargain Bags with tkmaxx

Firstly, apologies for the underwhelming outfit in this post. It's not my best but these photos were a bit of a spur of the moment gig and it's all about the bag anyway. So I made first proper grown up splurge recently and treated myself to a Michael Kors bag from the bargainous wonderland that is TK Maxx. I spotted this bag back in summer and didn't think anything of it, we're not in a position to be spending money on designer bags. Even when they are a fraction of the price I think it would still bring Luke to an early death. Last month was different though, after earning some extra pennies, realising that this was the last bag in store and carrying around for 20 minutes whilst Luke tried on all the jumpers and fluttering my eyelashes we agreed that we could afford and low and behold I have my beloved bag. 


Saturday, 26 November 2016

Menswear Autumn OOTD

I bet you've missed me so much and have been wondering where I've been since my last post? Well the truth is I've been a bit lazy, sorry! Nandos, Xbox, friends and breathing in general have taken priority but I now have a backlog of things to post so I'm going to try and catch up otherwise Issy will be on my case again. Now that's cleared that up (hopefully) lets get on!


Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Aurora Band

Let's have a little chat about the Aurora Band shall we. For those of you that don't know, it's the new(ish) heatless hairstyling tool to give you luscious wavy locks, it was featured on Dragon's Den - I don't know how well it did which is probably something that I should have done before parting with £12.99. 


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Pop Beauty UK

A couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to win all these Pop Beauty UK goodies from the lovely Charlotte from Charlotte Adele. I hadn't heard of this brand before but loved the look of the packaging and judging a book but it's cover, I assumed that this stuff was going to be good. Turns out I was right so I haven't really learnt a valuable lesson here. In this massive haul of goodness I received the Permanent Pout liquid lipstick collection, in it's entirety as well as all of the Pow Wow Powder palettes, pretty lucky right.


Thursday, 10 November 2016

Primark Boots & Jacket OOTD

You know when Primark throw out some diamond bargains and you can't not have them? This happened with these tan  boots with the glittery heel because of the glittery heel - how can anyone in their right mind resist the sparkly wonder of this glittery goodness? Naturally, with all Primark shoes there's always room for a little quality improvement when it comes to footwear but for just £12 a pair you can't really go wrong. This faux-sheepskin jacket was a more pricey £25 but is of a high quality especially for Primark, it's the perfect throw-over jacket for these warm-ish autumnal months and the faux-fur inside is so soft that I never want to take it off, ever


Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour

So a couple of weeks ago the amazingly kind Charlotte from CharlotteAdele sent me a couple of boxes full of goodies because my blogger mail opening on snapchat consisted of my council tax bill, not the most interesting to be opening, right. So this absolute GIRLBOSS took her time to send me a load of amazing stuff because she's dead kind like that. Have a look at her stunning blog here and stare in awe at her photography.


Thursday, 3 November 2016

Seasonal Bedding

Having an alright, all white bedroom is all well and good in the spring and summer time when you want to have a cool and refreshing environment to sweat to death in but when the temperature drops and you’ve not agreed on when the right time is to let the storage heaters eat your monthly salary you want to create an environment that you can at least pretend you’re warm in. Bedding is the way to go but can be a slight problem for me as I have issues with it. I can’t usually stand patterned duvet sets, I hate novelty sets (unless it’s Christmas) and I can’t bear big bright colours. Tartan bedding is the ultimate exception.


Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Men's Jumpers & Over the Knee Boots

I've given up trying to do anything with my face in these kinds of posts, lets all forget about that wonky bitch face and concentrate and the shenanigans neck down. Boy's jumpers, specifically Luke's jumpers make the perfect winter wardrobe essential and Luke has an array of jumpers in every shade hanging neatly in his wardrobe ready for me to pinch. I prefer men's jumpers because they're big, baggy and slouchy and don't have fitted breast bits to fret about or silly tight fits that can't hide food babies. This is one of my favourites of Luke's as it's the one he lets me rob the most; I think this colour suits me better than him and she should let me have it forever...we'll see. 


Thursday, 27 October 2016

Lush all time favourites

It’s taken a good few weeks for me to think of my all time favourite Lush product, if you’re a keen lush-goer (that’s now thing) then you’ll understand why, with the plethora of products available, it’s so incredibly hard to decide what is your ultimate go-to, stand alone, better than all the rest product and for me (insert drum roll) it has to be the Intergalactic Bath Bomb. Bath Bombs are my jam because I’m an instant gratification kinda girl and bubble bars just don’t get me as excited as a bomb (I think I need to calm this down a little). With a tag line like, “ever wondered what bathing in deep space would be like?” I don’t really need to go on to explain why this is the bath bomb to end all bath bombs do I? But I will, because this is a blog post and just 142 words don’t cut the mustard.


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid

I spotted The Body Shop's Matte Lip Liquid on Twitter when they were hosting a competition to win the whole collection, although I frantically RT'd, I knew I wasn't going to win so I hopped over to their online shop to have a closer and gander at the matte goodness. To my surprise, I found they only cost six quid, yes THIS IS NOT A DRILL, SIX ENGLISH POUNDS. When something so good costs six pounds, the obvious thing to do is to buy it three times, right? Right. 


Friday, 30 September 2016

Lush Milton Keynes Bloggers Event

If you haven't guessed by the title, we went along to the Lush Blogger Event at the Milton Keynes store. Firstly, I'd like to apologise for the torrent of photos in this post but more importantly for the amount of photos there are of Luke - he was doing too many weird things to not photograph. The event was ah-may-zing, and Luke and I came home very happy bunnies with lots of goodies that we can't wait to try. We *I* decided that we would write separate posts about the actual products because this post would be longest post in all of the land and even though Lush is basically heaven on earth, there's only so much a person can read. 


Wednesday, 28 September 2016

I love Gerard...Cosmetics

A couple of weeks ago, after a very stressful week that I spent the majority of crying because I was possessed by hormones I felt that the only way to end it was to hide under the duvet with my phone and enter the wonderful world of Beauty Bay. I've said it before: retail therapy is my favourite kind of therapy and it works a treat for me because by the time I was ripping open this box all my woes flew out of the window. I've had my eye on Gerard Cosmetics for a while since seeing so many cracking reviews about the setting sprays and me being me, couldn't resist picking up a liquid lipstick because can you ever have enough liquid lipsticks? If you're answer is no, you're on the wrong blog buddy. 


Friday, 23 September 2016

Kat Von D came the UK

Kat Von D came to the UK! Not literally, well she might have done, but not to Debenhams in Bedford and not recently. Her cosmetic line however is all over the place maybe not in every store but that's something a little click and collect can fix - and that is exactly what I did when twitter went into a little frenzy over some top notch cosmetic products hopping over the pond. I sneakily pounced onto Debenhams online to have a little nosey at the collection (with the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick engraved in the back of my mind) with it being the middle of the month, funds are low and it's time to be careful, yawn. But when I realised the liquid lipsticks were only £16 a pop I was googling swatches before I knew it. 


Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Smoothskin Gold IPL | Week Twelve

I'm on week twelve! If you want to follow my Smoothskin Gold IPL journey from the very beginning click here. It's a little strange to think of my Monday nights without using my IPL now, it's become so normal in my beauty routine that I can barely remember the days of having to shave my legs and armpits during every shower. Smoothskin state that massive differences are most noticeable after twelve weeks of use and they weren't lying. I am so impressed with this product from how effective it is to how easy it to use to the excellent customer service. 


Monday, 19 September 2016

Tanya Burr Cosmetics

Working in a town centre has such positive psychological affects and yet such detrimental financial ones. Retail therapy is the only therapy that I've ever needed. When having a crap morning at work, or life in general and I can pop into town on my lunch break and exchange my sadness for new make-up, shoes, or coffee. When I'm having an intense therapy session and make-up is on the agenda, aesthetics is of paramount importance because I'm shallow and pretty sh*t makes me happy.


Friday, 16 September 2016

Popcorn Lattes thanks to Monin*

If there's one company that knows how to do PR it's Monin and when they sent me this box I just knew I was in for a treat. To celebrate their new Popcorn flavoured syrup I was sent the cutest Popcorn pot that I'm sure Luke will be stealing seeing as he can't get enough of the stuff, along with a bag of personalised popcorn (anything with my name on wins), the cutest hot drink holder that is perfect for the colder months ahead and of course a bottle of the brand spanking new Popcorn flavoured syrup. 


Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Pristine Dead Sea Mud Mask*

This is another little beauty that has helped me along my journey to stop moaning about my annoying skin. Rumour has it that the dead sea has amazing healing elements as well as the muds found along the sea, unfortunately I don't have enough funds to go dunking around the dead sea every week to improve my skin but Pristine have brought out the next best thing - you can own your very own pot dead sea mud for an affordable (sale price) of £14.99.  


Monday, 12 September 2016

Exuviance Skincare*

I was given this bottle of Exuviance Purifying Cleansing Gel at The Bloggers Festival a couple of week's ago - I hand chance to talk to lovely ladies at their stand at The Bloggers Ball but they had run out of products to sample so I was pretty chuffed to bag this as there were so many positive reviews from The Bloggers Ball and I was keen to give it a whirl on my problematic skin. 


Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Procoal London | Activated Charcoal Powder*

Procoal London sent me a pot of their activated charcoal to sample around 3 weeks ago. I was a little sceptical about the potential results of using this product as I've found that home teeth whitening processes barely compare to the real deal especially those that literally just involve brushing. However, the results of using Procoal have blown me away and not just by the effectiveness of the whitening elements. Being and ex-smoker and die hard coffee drinker (until I die,  I.D.S.T) My teeth are naturally stained, this is something that I've been quite self-conscious about because, well, no one likes a minging mouth.


Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Amelia Moss Natural Skincare*

Amelia Moss is a skincare company providing 100% natural oils, cleansers, toners and face masks at more than reasonable prices. Before we get on to the effectiveness of the products can we take a second to praise Amelia for the packaging because my heart skipped a beat when I opened this package. Not only is Amelia bang on trend by using the copper wrapping but the personalised boxes of products add a touch of luxury that really sets this company apart from others. I was gifted a bottle of pure rose water, Jojoba Oil and Argan Oil and couldn't wait to start testing out some natural skincare remedies. 


Friday, 26 August 2016

Mate, have you got a HydrateM8?

Yes, this is a while post dedicated to water bottle and no, I haven't lost the plot because this is the water bottle to end all water bottles. I am terrible when it comes to staying hydrated, I'm just not a particularly thirsty person - there's been times when I've done full days without drinking water. I've always worked in offices that have had water tanks in and when I've been on a health kick I've tried to make a conscious effort to drink a certain amount of cups per day. This usually resulted in me getting ahead of myself and downing too many cups of water in one sitting. 


Monday, 22 August 2016

Spectrum 4 Piece Contour Face Set*

When Spectrum Brushes kindly offered to send me their 4 piece Contour Set I did a little dance - I have been lusting over the Spectrum brush collections for a while so you can imagine my excitement at getting my paws on my own set to try out. Spectrum hold the most instagrammable collection of make-up brushes on the earth, and if that's not a good enough reason to need something in your life I don't know what is; not to mention the fact that I have read so many positive reviews about these brushes as well as Spectrum as whole. 


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Lavender Fields OOTD

Lavenders blue dilly dilly lavenders green, actually it's purple. Last week Luke and I decided decided to take a little trip to Hitchin Lavender to wander around the Lavender fields and take some pretty pictures. The lavender fields are absolutely beautiful and at only £4.50 per adult including a bag to fill your own cuttings of lavender in, it's dead affordable too! There's also a beautiful sunflower field where you can pick your own massive sunflower for 50p. 


Friday, 12 August 2016

Do you know your normal?

Contrary to popular belief I'm not opposed to discussing periods, especially when having sensible discussions can lead to potentially saving someone's life. When Ami contacted me asking if I wanted to get on board with the fantastic know your normal campaign, I jumped at the chance. 


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

St Tropez In Shower Tan

Firstly, what kind of blogger are you if you don't have this fake succulent from Newlook in your blog photos? Secondly, my bank balance and Luke will be pleased to know that I didn't bankrupt us and by Xen-Tan but found some affordable yet high quality gradual tan in the form of St Tropez. Unlike most gradual tans this one can be applied in the shower, this means no slathering on a moisturiser and having to frantically wash your hands after application for fear of the orange-in-between-the-fingers. This was a concept that I eagerly anticipated and the main reason why I snatched this off the shelf in Superdrug when I noticed it was on offer for £9.99.


Monday, 8 August 2016

SmoothSkin Gold IPL | Week Six

Back in June I was fortunate enough to meet the SmoothSkin ladies at the Bloggers Ball, I had first read about the Gold IPL over at LadyWrites and was desperate to try one out. Unwanted body hair has long been the bane of my life, I've dabbled with shaving, waxing and epilating as well as hair removal cream and, experienced a few horror stories along the way (burned my face with wax when removing my moustache and left hair removal cream on for too long in places where you really don't want to leave hair removal cream on for too long). At the Bloggers Ball I was given the opportunity to enter a competition to win my very own SmoothSkin Gold IPL - and I DID! I can't tell you how thrilled I was to have won this little badboy. 


Monday, 1 August 2016

The Block Heel Edit

Block heels are a trend that I readily jumped on this year. It's no lie that I love heels, I wear heels  for work (don't worry, no one makes me) I feel better in heels, I'm quite a casual with my style preferring jeans over dresses and baggy T-shirts and jumpers galore, shoving on a pair of heels can make any outfit feel more feminine and little more dressed up. This is all well and good but there is no denying that heels are a bitch - Lord knows how the likes of the Kardashians manage to parade around in stiletto style heels all day long but my little non-famous tootsies can only hack a few hours (and I have a high pain threshold when it comes to heels) Not to mention the fact that walking wears heels away; who else has had the end of the heel vanish and has been left making that obvious and annoying metal-heel sound at every step? Not only does it make walking slightly more dangerous but it also screams 'broken shoes' which, is never a good look. 


Sunday, 31 July 2016

Homestyle | The Bedroom Accessories

The best thing about having your own home is that you can do what you want to it. It's been a while since I my last bedroom tour and things have changed a little. Not being loaded means that it takes a while to buy stuff for the flat, the bedroom is the first room that we (I) started styling as there was a lot to be done with updating furniture but has all the furniture we need nonetheless. 
In the last post about the bedroom, everything was white which started to feel a little clinical after a while. Also, the lack of double glazing meant that the window was getting quite a lot of condensation and we were a little concerned about mould and damp. We all know that plants love moisture so popping on in the windowsill made perfect sense and being an west facing window, little plant gets all the sunshine it needs. 


Friday, 22 July 2016

Foundation Lessons - Featuring Urban Decay

I've learnt a very valuable lesson recently; when it comes to foundation, you really do get what you pay for. I've gradually become more of  make-up snob when it comes to my base. There was a time when spending over a tenner on a pot of foundation was a rip off to me; these were the days when my skin didn't actually need foundation and the two shades too dark of dream matte mousse made me look worse. 


Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Clinique 3-Step

After just getting on top my skin problems and finally having clear skin I came down with a horrific cold - when I get ill, my skin suffers and as soon as the cold symptoms are gone, I'm left with the worst skin: dry patches, oily patches, massive pores, huge spots and usually a cold sore thrown in like a cherry on top. 
This time, I put a stop to it and remembered the wonders of the Clinique 3-step skin care routine and immediately ordered a miniature set online for next day collection at my local Debenhams. 


Friday, 24 June 2016

Kylie Cosmetics

I couldn't resist trying out the latest lip trend from our old pal Kylie Jenner and just had to get in on the action because these lipkits are just so god damn instagrammable. The crux to my addiction was Dolce K and purchased from the lovely Chloe over at Ladywrites, I loved the brown/nude shade and was immediately impressed with the staying power - these things take a lot to come off. Another key point that impressed was that the matte formula didn't dry out my lips. Naturally, there's always gonna be some drying with any matte product but these don't leave my lips suffering for days afterwards however, this hasn't been the case for other bloggers but what works for one might not work for another. 

Having given Dolce K a good road test (and not having to have spend a fortune in shipping and customs because Chloe is bae), I eagerly anticipated the next re-stock date, credit card in had. The re-stock went live at 11:00pm and my order was confirmed at 11:02 - I move quick when I want something which, is what you have to do when you want to get your mitts on these. I ordered Kourt K and Koko K because there's no point paying the shipping and customs for one kit. The order totalled at £53.34 with inclusive of £10.90 for shipping with each kit costing £21.98. Broken down, the lipkits are reasonably priced for what they are - it's the shipping and customs fees that make your bank balance cry. On top of the £53.34 total, I also had to pay £15 shipping, which was a pain in the *ss as I stupidly didn't make myself aware of this. 

I don't regret my purchases, I think the quality of the products speak for themselves, the custom and shipping fees are annoying and I don't think I'll be buying anymore anytime soon but I'm chuffed with what I do have. 

Kourt K is a lovely plum / berry shade (perfect for those autumnal months with my tartan scarf and pumpkin spiced latte) as with all the matte shades, the colour is build-able, as well as having a dark plum tone, I can go all out goth and have lips as dark as my soul. 
Koko K is a pink toned nude that I adore, this has been my everyday shade for around two weeks and I'm not getting bored of it anytime soon. Although it's a subtle shade, there's just something about it that makes my lips stand out and my makeup look 'finished' even, when I've only had time to shove some mascara on my lashes and blob some BB Cream on my face - Cheers Kylie. 

The Matte formula and inclusive lip pencils are ideal for attaining that over-lined look. Having slightly wonky lips can mean that I can look like I'm snarling or impersonating Elvis when I wear bold colours. The consistency of the Lipkits allows me to slightly over-line and even out my pout. 
I would advise applying them to a lip at a time and allowing it to dry before applying to the next lip, this avoids a build up of product and that crumbly texture that Lipkits have been infamous for. As with all matte products the do crack after lots of eating, kisses and drinks so removing and reapplying does guarantee a tidier finish. 

To complete my Kylie Cosmetics Collection, I have two glosses in the shades in Like and So Cute. I won these in Anoushka from AnoushaLoves twitter competition (another Bae). The differences between the glosses and the mattes is pretty obvious. The gloss applicators are brushes rather than wands which can make them a little trickier to apply if you're used to wands. However, as glosses, these are of a pretty high standard, adding a pop of colour with a nice shine that again, lasts for ages. 

So Cute is a light nude shade that looks perfect on it's own for that no-makeup-makeup look. I like to use this with the Koko K liner to give my lips some definition. So Cute also works perfectly in conjunction with Koko K for when you're not feeling a matte look. Similarly, Like is the perfect gloss-match for Dolce K and can be worked both with the matte and the liner or, as a stand alone shade adding a brown/nude shimmer. 

I would say that Kylie Cosmetics is worth the hype but really be certain of your shades before you take the plunge and be prepared for those custom fee stings.


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Sunday, 19 June 2016

GHDs - are they worth the hype?

You would think at soon-to-be 26 years old I would've taken the step and got myself some GHD's before now. I haven't, simply because I assumed that by 2016 all straighteners would basically be of the same quality and the much coveted GHD's of circa 2008 was a thing of the past and people only continued to buy them out of habit or for their namesake.

Oh how wrong I was

Thanks to regular trims, the tangle teaser and a good haircare routine - shout out to coconut oil, my Rapunzel hair goals are starting to look realistic - my hair is just past my boobs #goals. I don't tend to do a lot with my hair and try to use as little heat as possible but due to it being slightly frizzy and not having the most graceful of waves I do need to run some straighteners over it to look like I haven't just got out of bed on work days. I also use straighteners to add curls to my hair ever since I burnt my finger tips away when picking up my curling wand from the wrong end - you see, I don't have a good history with hair tools hence the reluctance to fork out for new ones.

In fact, I'm so tight when it comes to hair tools that my hot pink Babyliss straighteners were a hand-me-down from a friend, I have no idea how old they were when she bought them but I've had them for a good 5 years...awkward I know. It's only been the past couple of months that I've noticed that dragging these rusty old hot pieces of metal through my hair isn't making it look better at all; it's actually making it worse and I swear it's going pull it out if I try making waves/curls anymore. Not to mention the blue sparks that they emit when plugged in.

So, after much not much at all deliberation I decided to bite the bullet and treat myself to some new straighteners. I know people who have had theirs for 8 years and still find that they work as wonderfully and magically as they did when they were first opened. I ordered mine and received them the next day - because that's how next day delivery works.

I've been using these for over a week now and feel like my 14 year old self when I get them out, I have GHDs guys - the straighteners I tried persuading my Mum to buy me when she caught me ironing my hair, with an iron - I'd set the ironing board up and everything. I have noticed a massive difference in my hair since using these beauties, it's smoother and softer, my ends aren't frazzled and I don't feel my hair being pulled out at every use. I chose to get the GHD V gold max edition as my hair is longer and being able to go over more hair at once means there's over all less usage which means less heat damage to my hair. The other wonder about these (and the fact that poker straight hair isn't a must-have these days) I don't have to use them every day - again, less heat on my hair.

Investing in these bad boys meant I needed to pick up on some heat defence - I hadn't bothered using this for a whole since my hair straighteners were basically pointless anyway but spending a good chunk of money on something for my hair is motivating me to look after my hair a little better, makes sense right? I picked up this VO5 Heat Protect styling spray whilst in Superdrug - no reason, just that it was on offer and does what it says on the tin, or spray bottle.

For anyone else wondering if the GHD bandwagon is still a bandwagon worthy of jumping on, I can confirm that it is and although it's pricey, it is certainly worth every penny.


Friday, 3 June 2016

Monday, 30 May 2016

Needham House Hotel and Spa

Luke and I spent Friday night at Needham House Hotel and Spa, just outside Stevenage in Hertfordshire, I managed to book it a few months ago when I found a Wowcher offer for the two of use for around £70. We aren't going abroad this year due to getting our flat in January so little nights away like this are our equivalent.

Needham House 

We also decided to not pass up the opportunity of the Spa and booked ourselves in for a couple of treatments. I went for a Gel Manicure and Luke opted for a massage. We weren't due to check in until 2:00pm but our treatments were booked in for 1:30pm, fortunately, our room was ready earlier than expected and we were allowed to check in early.

Reception and Bar Area 

The Room

Our deal consisted of the classic room - although these rooms aren't classed as luxurious, with an en suite with a shower, tea and coffee facilities and a TV and Wifi; we found that it was more than enough and loved the boutique feel to the room and the massive bed that allowed us to both star-fish without getting in each other's way. We were also given a bottle of Prosecco which was an added bonus.

Massive Bed - Needham House 

Desk Area - Needham House 

Prosecco - Needham House 


Once we'd got settled, we went down to the spa  where we were met by lovely manager who asked us to fill in the relevant forms before giving us a tour. The Spa had a couple of treatment rooms, a gym, a sauna and steam room as well as a relaxation room and a nail table in the main reception area. We didn't realise that there was a sauna or steam room so whilst I got my nails done Luke popped off to Sainsbusry's around the corner to get a bikini and shorts for us. I decided to go for black Gel Nails - I've been wearing black for about three weeks now but have got a little bored of constantly re-painting them as dark chipped nails look so much worse than light ones. I black isn't very summery but I'm embracing my inner Emo lately and black nails are a standard.
I got my nails done by the manager (I feel awful for not remembering her name) but she was lovely and ever so professional - we sat and chatted about make-up, men and work for the entire duration of the appointment and I was thrilled with the end result - I still can't believe it's been over 24 hours and for the first time in weeks I haven't chipped my nails.

Whilst Luke went off for his massage, I chilled out in the relaxation room - when I say chilled, I mean scrolled through social media and listened to whale music whilst eating dried apricots, it was good nonetheless.

Jessica gel manicure - Needham House 

Luke on his Massage 

This was my my first massage so I didn't quite know what to expect, obviously I knew it would involve someone rubbing me but I wasn't sure on the specifics. Anywho, I walked into the treatment room and and was asked to sit down and choose which essential oil I wanted to burn during my massage - I haven't got a clue what makes an oil essential so I just picked the second one to save the awkwardness. The oil was put in what looked like a microwave and I was asked to remove my gown (wheeey) and lay face down on the bed. The massage began with feet rubbing that felt amazing (I can now see why Issy makes me do this to her all the time) Once this was done the lady started sweeping back with a brush - this didn't feel too good and I still don't understand why it happened. Once my back was sufficiently swept, the proper massaging happened and I literally felt every knot getting destroyed.

I have a stupid back - I pull it every few months and end up in agony so this was a massive treat and relief, due to this some of the massage did hurt, but it was a good pain. During the last ten minutes I was properly relaxed and felt like I was in heaven. Once the massage was finished I as given a few minutes to get my robe back on - I kind of just lay there for a bit as I was too chilled out to bother moving.

I will definitely be getting another massage! It was well worth the money and so beneficial especially for my damaged, faulty and rubbish back.


We decided to have lunch out of the hotel - as lovely as Needham House is, we also wanted to explore a little so we went for a little drive into the surrounding village and found a cute little pub called The Orange Tree where the portions were massive - Luke had a chicken burger and chips and I had the Salmon and chips. We sat in the sunshine having a drink and chat before we headed back to our hotel room to watch the football.

Lunch at The Orange Tree 

As this trip was my gift to Luke, I let him watch the match in his robe whilst I sat and tweeted and sipped Prosecco. Once the football was finished we watched the Ricky Gervais Show on Youtube, finished our drinks and went off to sleep. We both had a great night's sleep - that massive bed was amazing and we were reluctant to get up.

Luke watching football - Needham House 

Us two - Needham House 

When you forget to set the timer - Needham House 


Breakfast is served until slightly later at Needham House during the weekends (finishing at 10:30am) which meant that we weren't in a great rush to eat. Having a kettle in coffee in the room meant that I could get my caffeine fix whilst getting dressed. Breakfast was served in the SG4 Brasserie - a large bright and airy dining area with a mix of seats and big windows allowing lots of light in. The food was standard hotel self-service brekkie, we loaded up on beans and hashbrowns as well as bacon and sausages. I was a little disappointed as the only eggs that were available were scrambled but beggars can't be choosers. The food was lovely all the same and we were satisfyingly stuffed. By 10am, we strolled back up to our room to let our food babies go down before we checked out.

Once we'd checked out we travelled to Hemel to spend the rest of the weekend with Luke's family. We both agreed that we would definitely stay at Needham House again and that it is well worth the dollar.

Mirror Selfie - Needham House 

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