Questions for Luke

For Luke's second post in Man Corner, I wanted to throw some random questions at him as he walked in from work about blogging, xbox and whatever else came into my mind.
Here are my questions and his answers: 

1. What do you think of Blogging? Do you get it?
Yeah, I understand it-ish. It's a place where people unload or talk about something they're really passionate or interested about. 

2. Why is the Xbox headset wire so thin? It's just asking to get broken isn't it?
Are you actually asking that question?
It doesn't need to be thick and if it was thick it wouldn't bend as easily when you move about.
Can I just say, what a boring question.

3. What is your favourite item of makeup that I wear and why?
*Looked at me funny and bit his thumb*
It's hard to choose... I like your lipsticks...your pearl earrings...what?!?
Oh, makeup...your lipsticks then, I like don't wear loads of much.

4. What's my worst trait?
Your f*cking b*tchy attitude 

5. What is Contouring?
It's when you add dark and light bits to your face to emphasise your face structure...your jawline and, not jawline...CHEEKBONES

6. What is the best Xbox game of all time?
*long pause*
I could answer this is such a long way...probably Skyrim
How dya spell that?
Ok why?
Because you don't have stick to any rules, you can do whatever you want, wherever you want.

7. What is a reasonable amount of money to spend on a Lipstick?
Well considering I don't know the average price I could guess £14.99
What about £25?
Only if it was something you were going to use for special occasions and if it looked like it was worth that amount. 

8. Why do you giggle like the sun from the Teletubbies when you play FIFA?
What did you say?
*Repeated question*
Y'know the baby that played the sun? she turned to be really fit..have you seen her?
It's not just about the game, I'm also talking to people but it is actually really fun, you just don't get it.

9. What is the one grooming / beauty product you cannot live without?
That doesn't's a necessity!
Hair stuff, I like doing my hair..what's left of it.

10. What is your favourite thing about our relationship?
We're quite similar when it comes to how fun we want to be, we're a fun couple, we do stupid things in front of people and we don't care what they think...and your bum. 


  1. haha this is great! The fact that he was able to perfectly describe what contouring is has impressed me, I can't. x