11 Things men want you to know about sex

So, this week on #manmonday I have brought something completely different to the table. I want to talk about...sex. For some reason we still get people today that find talking about sex very embarrassing or difficult, how can this be? Sex is shoved in your face every time you put on a film, or TV series. After all this, people still find it difficult or embarrassing to even talk about with their partner! Well luckily I can tell you the blunt truth about what 'men wished women knew about sex' and you can be on your way to amazing fun and shock your partner in the bedroom.

1. Take control once in a while.

In my experience, the guy is generally expected to be the one 'more in control' or more 'dominant person' in the bedroom and while the guy may prefer this, it's good to switch things around on him and take control keeping him on his toes. Sex is a lot of cardio as well so we do need a break from constant thrusting so why you don't jump on top for a little while while we get our breath back. 

2. Talking is key.

Sex isn't the time to be shy or polite, don't let the guy spend 15 minutes doing something to you when you don't really enjoy it. Tell him! Everyone will have a better experience.

3. Listening is also important.

Don't be offended if the guy tells you "I don't like that" or "I'd like it more if you did this" the guy is giving you honest and open pointers and guys are pretty blunt. Just because your ex liked it doesn't mean everyone will, because everyones different. 

4. We like foreplay as well you know.

The build up to sex is very important to women...just as it is for men. We like the teasing, the seduction, the sex talk just as much as you gals. It will make the experience much better for both parties.

5. What are your kinks? Tell us!

So a lot of people have a kinky side wether it's dressing up, anal, spitting or something more physically aggressive like being spanked, tied up or choked. But how can the guy know? If he guesses you like being choked and gets it wrong the chances are he's going to prison lol! So tell guys your kinks! 

6. Oral.

A guy loves a good blowjob pretty much whenever and will rarely turn one down. "semen" has been scientifically proven to be good for woman and will reduce stress levels and even help reduce depression as well as having a happier life in general (an actual study can you believe it). Blowjobs are also beneficial for the men in reducing stress levels so really it's a win win! 

7. Don't worry about how you taste.

I've never really heard a guy complaining about how a girl tasted down there. For me, as long as you've had your daily shower/bath you'll be ok.

8. ...Which brings me to "grooming".

We seriously don't care if you're perfectly groomed all the time, it would be nice but it's not realistic. 
Just as long as you keep a decent standard and wash regularly, we will do the same for you.

9. Don't be offended by his porn collection.

Most men masturbate to porn to visually stimulate their brain and de-stress. It doesn't mean he's bored of you or wants other women like 'Miss sucks 10 cocks at once' over there, it's a bit of private time, no different from you women and your toys, we know you have them so don't judge us for watching porn lol.

10. Be open to try new things 

Variety will help keep the spice alive in a relationship. Keep in mind your playmate/boyfriend/husband doesn't want to do things you don't enjoy but also doesn't want his sexual desires to be shutdown without you at least thinking about it for him. Why not air your thoughts too? You both might be hiding a desire you both share wether it's dressing up, new locations or new positions...talking goes a long way when it comes to sex.

11. We're sooo freaking sensitive once we've finished 

Especially after oral! Once the guy has released his love juice...please be gentle with that guy's weapon, it won't go off again for a little while but it will certainly electrocute the user! The feeling is strange but girls seem to find it funny to just carry on even though the guy is jolting around and can't speak! It doesn't feel good!I admit, sometimes it can be funny...just be a gentle ok. 

So that's it! I've compiled the list using what I've learned in my personal relationships as well as talking to guys about it and finding out what they wished girls knew. I hope you've enjoyed reading it and there seems to be a common factor for most of the things I've put on the list which is just simple communication.


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