Colgate Max White Expert 360 Brush & Pen

Hi guys! Today I'm posting about Colgate's new whitening toothpaste and 'pen'. 

I saw the product advertised on T.V and I thought it sounded very simple and easy to use with good results so, the next time I was in Boots I popped it into my shopping basket.

Whitening tooth brush/pen £12.99
Whitening toothpaste £3.99

FYI the brush and pen are currently on offer in Boots for £7.99 #winning 

I was actually fairly excited to try it out the same night. I'm not sure if you're all aware of this but I am severely insecure about my teeth!! Not because they're yellow or anything like that, they are wonky as hell! It's like they've all had an argument each other! I asked for braces from the age of 14 but I never got them and I would go to school and see people who I thought already had perfect teeth getting braces! I'm just sat there like..."hello? My teeth are all over the shop! Can you help me?" My teeth have had a small effect on my life for instance - in photos, I will not show my teeth if I can help it and when people make me laugh I will often face the other way.
If my teeth were as white as an Irish person on holiday I feel I would have more confidence and would show my teeth more! I would love that as well because I love smiling and being happy :).

- Using the product

So, you brush your teeth as you normally would using the pen and toothpaste (fairly straight forward). After, you get the pen which is unclips from the bottom of the brush, just one's not a pen! It's a stupid thing with rubber bristles on the tip that excretes a whitening substance from the centre! *face palm*
I was expecting something like a highlighter or a felt tip! It's basically a tiny second toothbrush. So, after you've brushed your teeth twice you'll notice the whitening substance is very sticky and will stay on your teeth for the near future and for the next 15-45 minutes you'll be walking around holding a massive grin and will be unable to talk properly because, if you do, the whitening substance will stick to the back of your lips or come off and the whole process will be pointless.

- Does it work?

Short answer...yes, I've notice a slight change in colour; My teeth have gone from a dull white to slightly brighter white. I've been using it for about 1 and a half weeks and the advert did say you'll expect the results in roughly 2-3 weeks so it's slightly early but I have seen a difference which, is the most promising thing! I always hear of people trying whitening products and nothing happens so the change I've noticed is a positive!

- My conclusion

The price of the product is reasonable considering you get a toothpaste that replaces your normal one and a toothbrush as well as the whitening paste all for under £20. Using the product is a little silly and annoying but it only adds an extra 2-3 mins to the time you spend cleaning your teeth anyway so it isn't very time consuming. That fact that it has helped in making my teeth whiter is a big positive and made me a little less uncomfortable with my teeth! I'll carry on using it and hopefully see more results! 
I think if you want a gentle/gradual change to your teeth colour that isn't too expensive this is a good buy! :)



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