Lush Gold Bomb

When shopping for bathbombs in Lush for myself and Linda a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t resist this glittery little turd or potato as someone pointed out on Instagram (excellent observation might I add).

On Saturday, I decided to have a midday bath and try out this sparkly spud. After dropping it in the bath I got my phone ready in anticipation of photographing a natural wonder. As it happens, I over anticipated the effect and what I saw before me slightly resembled a poached egg, does anyone else see that? Don’t get me wrong the smell was amazing!

After it had disintegrated, my bath water was the same shade as my Mum’s catheter bag post-hysterectomy but this didn’t put me off because of that smell. Once I’d got into the bath my jiggling thighs shifted the glitter from the bottom and I found myself bathing in golden glitter...does life get better than that?

I lay there for a good hour reading Girl Boss and thinking how I had staged the perfect setting for learning how to be a Girl Boss. If you’re wanting to soak in golden glitter and give yourself a good reason to scrub your bath out (it looked like a fairy had exploded in the bathroom when the water had drained) then go and get yourself one of these golden turds because as much as I keep comparing it too poop, vegetables and dead fairies, I loved it and want another NOW!

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  1. Sounds nice. The only problem, like you said, is it leaves glitter everywhere! Meaning that after a nice bath, you have to dedicate some time into getting rid of the glitter. But every once in a while it's worth it! X