Men bath too y'know

Good evening people!

This is the first post I’ve written for my self so go me! I hope you enjoy reading it and I will be making this a weekly thing for #ManMonday

So my first post is about a bath bomb my lovely fiancĂ© bought me from Lush. It’s called ‘intergalactic’ and I found as soon as I used it the name fits the product very well. Excited to use the ball of fun the first opportunity I got which was the evening after because unfortunately I was away visiting my parents in Hemel Hempstead, I drew a bath and plopped it in expecting something to happen (which obviously it did) but what did happen completely blew my mind! Yes it fizzed and floated around the bath a for a bit which they all do, but It started creating a galaxy in front of my eyes and in my bath! This may not be what everyone wants but for me (science loving geek) it was amazing. It had the looks of space but what about the smell…well what the hell does space smell like? I’m sure you can google the answer to that question and there will be an answer…how the hell they smell space without dying it beyond me but hey I hope it smells like an explosion of greatness because that’s all I could smell! Fruity, flowery, musky…I can’t confidently tell you what I smelt because I was still memorized by the sight lol but I do remember I loved the smell, it’s from Lush after all so you can trust me, that place could sell fart in a cup and for some reason it would smell of dandelions.

Anyway, I stepped into the galaxy,  lay down and instantly noticed my skin felt super soft and silky which I liked. Towards the end of my bath most of the galaxy side of the bomb had disappeared leaving a deep dark blue and as I looked closer I noticed the glitter which funnily enough made it look like I was staring up to the night sky and watching the stars and it made the whole experience soo calming, which is sort of what you want from a bath so surely this product is perfect?

Finished with my bath I got out and dried myself and got into my comfy clothes for the rest of the night and sat on the sofa watching T.V. I noticed something on my skin and as I looked closer I realised I had the glitter on me…all over! Was I bothered by this? No, not at all. Even though I’m a guy a little bit of glitter after a bath is no problem, I mean baths are more of a night time thing in my opinion anyway so, I just got cosy and enjoyed the rest of my evening knowing I was clean and sparkly and had been to space and back.

I hope this wasn’t too long for you all and you enjoyed my first post. I would love some feedback as this is my first time and to know if I did it right haha.

Goodnight and I hope you all find this little gem in your local Lush stores.

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  1. "unfortunately I was away visiting my parents" I see you had fun haha. I bought this bath bomb a week ago and I still haven't tried it yet! But I tried the unicorn horn one and it left SO much glitter at the bottom of my bath that was very hard to get rid of... But I would do it again. Great post!