Skydancer - Far from the Madding Guns

When My Mum tagged me in a tweet about the Lush Skydancer Bathbomb I ordered one within minutes. I love Lush but I’ve never felt the need to make an online order before, half of the fun is being in store, right?

Reading about Skydancer made me instantly order, not only because it sounds amazing, (who wouldn’t want to smell of Cinnamon, Bergamot and Lemon?) but, because of the amazing cause that 100% of  the profits of this little (bigger than my hand) beauty go to.  In august 2015, the RSPB launched a campaign to raise awareness about the persecution of one of Britain’s rarest birds of prey – The Hen Harrier.

Disgustingly in 2015, only 6 pairs of Hen Harriers successfully bred in England, six! 100% of the profits made from this bomb are going toward satellite tagging all baby Hen Harriers born, to allow the RSPB to track them throughout their lives and ensure their safety as well as extract important data to study their habits and movements but more importantly, to prevent illegal persecution.

Skydancer – far from the madding guns was named by Chris Packham (one of my favourite humans) Skydancer refers to the air display that male Hen harriers perform during the mating season, something that I had to Youtube to understand the beauty of, something that we will all have to Youtube to understand the beauty of if we don’t help.

I would go on to review the product but we already know that Lush products are high quality, we know they’re value for money, we know that they always smell as described…if not better and we know we will always go back for more. That isn’t the issue here (sorry guys) For all you loyal Lush bloggers and customers out there who know and love Lush, please get one of these. They’re as good (if not better) than the Unicorn Horn, Intergalactic and Think Pink and you can lie in your bath and know that you’ve done something amazing.

To buy your Skydancer click here

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