Superdrug Naturally Radiant

After suffering from terribly dry skin due to working in an office where we constantly need the heating on and not having any proper ventilation, I decided it was about time to step up my skin care routine before my face fell off. I had to do this on a budget because adulting is expensive. 
Whilst buying other necessities like glittery nail polish, I picked up the Naturally Radiant, Day and Night Creams as well as the Night Peel. 

I Instagrammed them, as any Blogger does and was asked on twitter what the difference was between the day and night cream or, if it was just a gimmick. This got me thinking, what is the actual difference? and why the hell haven't I thought of this before. I'm a smart girl so how have I been sucked into this gimmick? 

I checked out the ingredients on both tubs and low and behold they are basically identical, the only difference is that there's no SPF in the Night Cream. Obviously, I'm not going to go without SPF during the day and again, obviously I don't need it at night time but, wearing it at night time doesn't do any harm right?
So, this kind of makes the night cream redundant. There is literally no point in it and it is an actual gimmick. Thankfully, there was an offer on the products when I bought them so I don't feel that ripped off but when I've used the night cream up, I won't be repurchasing. Astalavista Baby. 

Aside from making me feel like an idiot, the product is actually dead good. I don't know if my face looks brighter but I certainly do feel moisturised, it makes a nice base for my foundation and, doesn't take ages to soak in at night time and make my pillow greasy. 

The smell of Mulberry and Kiwi is really refreshing and perfect for making me feel more awake in the morning and equally relaxing at night time. Overall I would definitely recommend the Day Cream. 
The Overnight Peel was a slightly different story, I expected to be able to wake up and peel it off my face like PVA glue at primary school  I mean, what a thing to wake up to! The reality is that when I woke up there was barely any evidence that anything had ever been there. I washed my face as usual to avoid clogging pores and did notice that my face was moisturised but guys, where was my peel?

I'm not sure if this a positive review or not, I found one really good cream, one really pointless cream and a peel that isn't a peel but I think I will be re-purchasing at least one of the products. What do you think?

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