When you're the only guy at Work

Good evening lovely people, today's #manmonday isn't a product post...it's more of an insight into what it's like for a guy to work in a women predominant environment.

So I work in a home supporting adults with autism with the age of our clients ranging from 18-58. The home has about 18 support workers with just two of them being male, I'm not sure why men aren't attracted to this sort of job but in most homes I've noticed it has majority of staff being women. 

So what's it like? 
Well it's alright I suppose...I can't complain too much as it has it's pros and cons like anything and everything. I used to be in the Navy which, was the complete opposite with it being about 90% men and 10% women. We used to walk around punching each other just because it was funny or ripping into each other like our life depended on it for no specific reason. It did get a little out of hand but that's what men are generally like; fighting, taking the piss out of each other, farting, spitting...you get the idea. With my new job I feel a little lost at times, I can't figure out why we don't punch each other to say hello. 

One thing that is hard to ignore is the amount of bitchiness there is. It's not massively a problem for me because I'm never involved in it however, the people involved will take time to explain to me what's happening which is fun because, I get to hear two completely different stories and views on the matters. At first I didn't know why people felt comfortable telling me...was it because I'm a guy? if that's the case then I'd assume that would give them more of a reason not to tell me, surely? After all, men have a famous reputation of not listening...OMG! Is that why they tell me? Because they need to get it off their chest but in the end I won't actually be listening to what the fuck they've told me? I might have just solved it writing this post haha! 
To tell you the truth, most of the time I'm not listening as carefully as I should, I don't want to know all the details because I don't want to get involved. If you get in too deep you can be brought up in a later argument "oh yeah well Luke told me that I was in the right and you're just being a horrible c**t" yeah, no thanks I'm not being involved in something I've merely listened too because you forced it upon me, oh and FYI that sort of language used makes me happy because I've found out that women swear just as much...if not more than men lol.

Here's a fun FACT I've learned...women are messy fuckers! Oh my god!!! I walk into work and the place is a state! One of my biggest pet hates is the dishes and cutlery shoved in the sink...does no one realise you have to take it all out again to put in soapy water? Or, here's an even better idea...once you've cooked something, how about washing up the mess you've made? Suppose you can just leave it for Luke :). At home, I almost have no interest in washing my own stuff up anymore because I've washed up a thousand times at work!! 
How come the kitchen is always left the messiest? Some women see the for kitchen as their domain or something and when buying a house the kitchen is the most important part, so why leave everything in the kitchen a state? Had my rant about that...now I'm happy.

I've also found out that women banter just as much as men!! It's a little cleaner then what you'd expect in a conversation between 'alpha' males but it's still there and some of it can be quite surprising! I'm also shocked about how much women talk about sex, the amount of times I've been eating my lunch at the table and a few of my colleagues are sat on the sofa (around the corner from the table) talking about where he put his tongue and where she put his sausage and then I take a bite of my crisp and they go silent lol. 
At first it was probably awkward but as they got to know me as a fairly camp guy that's happily with a Linda they freely talk about it in front of me and I just walk around as if nothing's happened. 
Most of the girls I work with are younger than me and although I'm only 25, they will often come to me for advice about guys, technology and lots of other things which is actually really nice because when I talk to them they take in everything I'm saying and it gives me a chance to pass on my wisdom haha..they will ask me about guys they're dating and if they should make a move now or later or "do guys like it when..." lots of questions like that and I think it's nice that they value my opinion.

I can tell you're all probably wanting to know if I'm always getting flirted with or chatted up at work...truth is, no. Either these girls think I'm fucking ugly or girls actually appreciate the fact I'm happily with someone and would never try that sort of thing...when I worked with males I would always notice men would flirt/chat up women  even though they knew the girl was in a relationship which is quite frankly disgusting...it seems women are more respectful when it comes to that sort of thing and I apologise to the people it does happen to as a lot of men haven't seemed to have got over their primal instinct. 

Overall, I do enjoy working with lots of women because they definitely listen more when you have something to tell them...the only problem is I can't really talk to them about things that I would like to for example; football, Xbox and things like that, more 'boy' things. Doesn't matter though because I know when I go home I have Issy who, will happily listen to me talk about those things...well, definitely not football but she will listen to me talk about my Xbox games! I can tell she's not interested in what I'm saying but she really does try to pretend and I appreciate it sooo much! 
I'm getting sidetracked now. I don't know what else to talk about, I'm sure I've missed lots out and I've written this whole post at work so I've not been able to give as much attention as I'd have liked too. 

So to sum up:


- Girls actually listen
- Girls are nice
- Girls are respectful
- Girls do have banter (even if it's in there only special kind of way)


- I don't feel I can talk about things that are too manly (I'll save them for a group of men or Issy) 
- Can't punch them to say hello
- Girls are messy as fuck haha.

If anyone reading this has any questions on this sort of topic I'd be happy to answer them all :).

Thank you again for taking time out to read this and I hope you found it to be a decent read! If you've found it problematic or offensive...soz.

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