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Last Monday my lovely work-wife (Victoria) and I took a day off to go to Bannatyne's Health Club and Spa - we were using a voucher Vic had received for her Birthday and were excited to be spending a day having some R & R rather than sitting in the office.

Before we went to the spa we got our priorities in order and headed off into Milton Keynes to get some lunch because relaxing on an empty stomach is a stupid idea! We headed to Pizza Hut because the downside of working 9-5 Monday - Friday means that you unlimited pizza is barely an option! We decided to be extra sophisticated and buy a bottle of wine to go with our piles of pizza and pasta because why the hell not! Once we were suitably stuffed, we headed off to the spa (via the Disney store). 

Not gonna lie, the entrance the building where the spa is is slightly underwhelming and typically concrete as per most of Milton Keynes. However, before the entrance to the inside of the spa there is a beautiful tropical indoor garden, perfectly heated with water fountains and little seating areas, we were immediately impressed and found just the walk down the steps to the reception area relaxing enough. 

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the friendly reception staff who signed us in (we had previously completed the relevant paperwork online which saved time). We payed £3.00 to hire a spa bag which included a robe, slippers and large towel, at the end of the day we were told that we could keep the bag and slippers. We were given a tour of the spa which, if I'm honest, I expected to be bigger and more spa-like, whereas this was more of a gym / fitness centre (nothing wrong with this though, it's in the centre of MK so should be expected). We decided to jump into the sauna and steam rooms and then have a dunk in the jacuzzi whilst it was free - it seemed to get a little full and I hate being in close proximity to strangers. 

After this, we lay by the pool taking lots of selfies and snaps - because that's how you relax right? Once we'd let everyone know we were having a spa day via all the relevant social networks, we felt a little thirsty so we tip-toed (the floor was slippy) back to the reception area and ordered smoothies. I had banana, strawberry and blueberry and I think Vic had banana, raspberry and strawberry but that could be a complete lie. In theory, my smoothie was amazing but unfortunately it was slightly warm which ruined the taste. Victoria wasn't too keen on hers although it was cold, I could have complained and asked for a fresh one but I'm too shy for that. 

After we'd drunk our drinks and checked our social media accounts (seeing how many likes we had got) we went to the spa area and waiting to receive the highly anticipated massages we were booked in for. Our two lovely therapists greeted us and took us to the therapy room where relaxing music was playing and our massage beds were ready for us to climb into. 

We got a back massage which was to die for! I've never had a professional massage before (sorry Luke, you don't count) The massage lasted around 45-55 minutes, I lost count and didn't care. I was so relaxed that I may have slightly dribbled during. Once the back massage was done we were asked to roll onto our backs for a scalp massage which, again was ah-may-zing, we had and Argan oil thing put on our eyes and some oil in our hair. I love having my hair played with so this was perfect for me, my scalp was massaged as well as my hair plaited and twisted, the scalp massage lasted for less time than the back massage but was just as good and the oil has given my hair a lovely burst of moisture which was just what it needed. 

Dat Ass
Although the spa wasn't as spa-like as I anticipated and my smoothie was warm, the treatments we received more than made up for this. I came home so relaxed and not remotely stressed about the day of work to follow. As a newbie to spas and massages, I can safely say I will be going back for more. In fact, Victoria and I already planning our next day! Oh and, the therapists said that we should get massages monthly so Luke, we need to talk. 

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