Receding Hairlines and Hairloss

So, for those of you that do not know me...I have a receding hairline. Do I hate my life I hear you asking? No. Does it affect my life? Yes of course it does, just like everything. Massively? Yes, and no. Here's why...

I noticed I had started the journey to baldness when I was only in secondary school (year 11, to be precise). My hair was already slightly receded, this annoyed me as I was considered as the guy with the "cool hair" my hair was/is 'extremely straight'. Unfortunately, as I got older, (and wiser) my hair slowly started packing it's bags and fucking off from my crown and the left and right sides of my forehead...not a clue what was wrong with these parts of my head, scientists say it's genetic but I call it a kick in the balls from the one and all mighty. I mean, if you think about it, hairstyles are a huge part of people's appearances and it's the first thing you probably notice about a person when you see them so, why oh why do I have to lose my hair!! They say teeth is the first thing girls notice about a man...if thats actually true, I'm fucked! My teeth are all over the place and my hair is leaving me quicker than James Blunt's lover!

I'm now 25 and I've learned to live with my receding hairline  have look on the bright side - I haven't been I.D'd for alcohol since I was about 16 ...and...ok thats about the only useful thing about it but still, I haven't let it bother me too much, after all I've still managed to land myself an amazing fiancĂ© and my dance moves are off the chart.

Even though my hair is slowly going I refuse to just give up on it, I still style my hair everyday, I think is one of the ways I cope with the fact that one day there will barely be anything to style. 

Although the products I use to style my hair aren't specifically designed for us chaps with receding hair and bald patches, I feel that their the best on the market for making do with what you've got. They give me the confidence to step out of the house knowing I don't look like a guy trying to hide the baldness or, the guy that's given up on himself...I'm just Luke.

Lets take a look at my two go-to products: 
Schwarzkopf - Pro styling rough clay
£2.99 - 4.99 (depending where you get it from)
This beauty is the primary ingredient for my signature style; it gives your hair a dry, thick, scruffy look. This is sooo important for people with thinning/receding hair because the dryer the hair looks the thicker it will appear, you can test this yourself. Style your hair with gel (wet look) and then use this bad boy, the difference is remarkable. The clay is great but, in my opinion it needs a helping hand to last all day as it's not the strongest of hair products, if you use this and it's slightly windy outside, theres no point in going outdoors, your hair will move about and will not stay in the same style.

So, with a little help from our friend...
Schwarzkopf - Got2B Glued
£2.49 - £3.99 (again depends where you buy this from)
This is amazing! The smell, is sex! Not only that but, combined with the clay your hair style will be thicker and fuller and, easily last the whole day. As a bonus, your hair will smell yummy! Careful how much of the spray you use though; it smells amazing but use too much, and the lovely fruity smell turns to alcoholic teenager breath...which, is something you don't really want.

Living with receding/thinning hair isn't amazing, I get that I really do. You can't let it get you down and ruin your quality of life though. The most important thing you need to do is enjoy your life. Surround yourself with people that don't make you feel less of a person because of your hair or lack off it. Maybe try the route of turning it into a joke like I do sometimes, Issy will often take the micky out of me for my hair (I've given her permission to do this as long as it isn't non stop!) I happily return the favour and take the piss out of her for something she can't her giant fucking forehead. If you really feel like you can't do that without your hair then see your GP and they may be able to point you in a helpful direction. No one deserves to live in misery and although hair is just hair - male hair loss can cause depression and have a horrible impact on the quality of our lives.

I hope my post has been helpful, if not well, I hope you at least enjoyed reading it anyway. It's something I've struggled to talk about in the past but I'm glad I'm able to write and share this to you.

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