HQ Hair Goodie Bag

As you know I went to the HQ Hair Birthday Party (brag brag brag) On top of all the other wonders mentioned in my previous post, we were also given these goodie bags full of ah-may-zing products that I can't wait but also don't want to use.

The bags consisted of haircare, skincare, tan, a foundation sponge, an eye shadow palette and yoga in a bottle (yup, that's an actual thing) It's basically all you need to start getting ready for a night out - with the yoga in a bottle for the next day. I was pleasantly surprised with how good the stuff was in these bags - the overall cost must be ranging the few hundred mark, right? 

The piece de resistance 

for me was the Nuditude Palette from The Balm - I've had my eyes on this for a while but have been waiting for my Urban Decay Naked Basics to fully die before splurging on a new one but those generous guys over at HQ Hair have saved me the bother. Although haven't properly tried it yet, the swatches I did on my hands (that I forgot to photograph), confirm that all the bloggers saying how pigmented and good this palette is, aint lyin'. The palette also comes with a cute little primer - just what I needed since I discovered that my skin hates being on that Nivea post-shave balm bandwagon. 

As well as all these products they only went and bloody shoved a code for £10 off at prettylittlething.com didn't they! 

I'll probably do some separate posts on some of these products because I'm really looking forward to trying them and I'm too poor to buy my own stuff for beauty posts right now. 

Thanks again for letting me come to your party guys!

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