MiTi hair bands and Tangle Teaser

My Work-Wife, Victoria decided to be an absolute diamond and get me some MiTi hairbands and a Shaun-the-bloody-sheep Tangle Teaser when she recently went to get her hair done (you look fabulous darling).  

MiTi Hair Bands 

I've seen these hair bands doing the rounds for a few months but haven't bothered to try them, as much I've wanted to. They claim to be better for your hair as there's no snagging or pulling and, they don't leave massive kinks in your hair like normal elastic hair bands do. I decided to truly put them to the test and use them in the gym. I was surprised that what is essentially telephone wire, actually kept my hair in place during a 40 minute run. Naturally, I was a but sweaty after this and my hair was little soggy so there was a little kink in my hair when I took my sassy ponytail down. The only thing that put me off these was that after a few ties, the band stretches however, a few days later, Victoria mentioned that running them under warm water makes them spring back to place - she wasn't lying.

Tangle Teaser

Literally don't know how I've lived without a tangle teaser before. You guys don't need to me explain how this works. Mainly because I don't know, but it's a God Send. Glides through my hair like a dream and cuts my hair drying time down by a good half hour because there's no knots. 

Thanks Vic! xx


  1. Tangle Teaser is so fantastic. I really love it as well. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. That's no problem my little chuck - you deserved a little hair treat :) xx

  3. I tried these but they just kept falling out of my hair so I gave up with them! xx