Needham House Hotel and Spa

Luke and I spent Friday night at Needham House Hotel and Spa, just outside Stevenage in Hertfordshire, I managed to book it a few months ago when I found a Wowcher offer for the two of use for around £70. We aren't going abroad this year due to getting our flat in January so little nights away like this are our equivalent.

Needham House 

We also decided to not pass up the opportunity of the Spa and booked ourselves in for a couple of treatments. I went for a Gel Manicure and Luke opted for a massage. We weren't due to check in until 2:00pm but our treatments were booked in for 1:30pm, fortunately, our room was ready earlier than expected and we were allowed to check in early.

Reception and Bar Area 

The Room

Our deal consisted of the classic room - although these rooms aren't classed as luxurious, with an en suite with a shower, tea and coffee facilities and a TV and Wifi; we found that it was more than enough and loved the boutique feel to the room and the massive bed that allowed us to both star-fish without getting in each other's way. We were also given a bottle of Prosecco which was an added bonus.

Massive Bed - Needham House 

Desk Area - Needham House 

Prosecco - Needham House 


Once we'd got settled, we went down to the spa  where we were met by lovely manager who asked us to fill in the relevant forms before giving us a tour. The Spa had a couple of treatment rooms, a gym, a sauna and steam room as well as a relaxation room and a nail table in the main reception area. We didn't realise that there was a sauna or steam room so whilst I got my nails done Luke popped off to Sainsbusry's around the corner to get a bikini and shorts for us. I decided to go for black Gel Nails - I've been wearing black for about three weeks now but have got a little bored of constantly re-painting them as dark chipped nails look so much worse than light ones. I black isn't very summery but I'm embracing my inner Emo lately and black nails are a standard.
I got my nails done by the manager (I feel awful for not remembering her name) but she was lovely and ever so professional - we sat and chatted about make-up, men and work for the entire duration of the appointment and I was thrilled with the end result - I still can't believe it's been over 24 hours and for the first time in weeks I haven't chipped my nails.

Whilst Luke went off for his massage, I chilled out in the relaxation room - when I say chilled, I mean scrolled through social media and listened to whale music whilst eating dried apricots, it was good nonetheless.

Jessica gel manicure - Needham House 

Luke on his Massage 

This was my my first massage so I didn't quite know what to expect, obviously I knew it would involve someone rubbing me but I wasn't sure on the specifics. Anywho, I walked into the treatment room and and was asked to sit down and choose which essential oil I wanted to burn during my massage - I haven't got a clue what makes an oil essential so I just picked the second one to save the awkwardness. The oil was put in what looked like a microwave and I was asked to remove my gown (wheeey) and lay face down on the bed. The massage began with feet rubbing that felt amazing (I can now see why Issy makes me do this to her all the time) Once this was done the lady started sweeping back with a brush - this didn't feel too good and I still don't understand why it happened. Once my back was sufficiently swept, the proper massaging happened and I literally felt every knot getting destroyed.

I have a stupid back - I pull it every few months and end up in agony so this was a massive treat and relief, due to this some of the massage did hurt, but it was a good pain. During the last ten minutes I was properly relaxed and felt like I was in heaven. Once the massage was finished I as given a few minutes to get my robe back on - I kind of just lay there for a bit as I was too chilled out to bother moving.

I will definitely be getting another massage! It was well worth the money and so beneficial especially for my damaged, faulty and rubbish back.


We decided to have lunch out of the hotel - as lovely as Needham House is, we also wanted to explore a little so we went for a little drive into the surrounding village and found a cute little pub called The Orange Tree where the portions were massive - Luke had a chicken burger and chips and I had the Salmon and chips. We sat in the sunshine having a drink and chat before we headed back to our hotel room to watch the football.

Lunch at The Orange Tree 

As this trip was my gift to Luke, I let him watch the match in his robe whilst I sat and tweeted and sipped Prosecco. Once the football was finished we watched the Ricky Gervais Show on Youtube, finished our drinks and went off to sleep. We both had a great night's sleep - that massive bed was amazing and we were reluctant to get up.

Luke watching football - Needham House 

Us two - Needham House 

When you forget to set the timer - Needham House 


Breakfast is served until slightly later at Needham House during the weekends (finishing at 10:30am) which meant that we weren't in a great rush to eat. Having a kettle in coffee in the room meant that I could get my caffeine fix whilst getting dressed. Breakfast was served in the SG4 Brasserie - a large bright and airy dining area with a mix of seats and big windows allowing lots of light in. The food was standard hotel self-service brekkie, we loaded up on beans and hashbrowns as well as bacon and sausages. I was a little disappointed as the only eggs that were available were scrambled but beggars can't be choosers. The food was lovely all the same and we were satisfyingly stuffed. By 10am, we strolled back up to our room to let our food babies go down before we checked out.

Once we'd checked out we travelled to Hemel to spend the rest of the weekend with Luke's family. We both agreed that we would definitely stay at Needham House again and that it is well worth the dollar.

Mirror Selfie - Needham House 

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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time, I would definitely consider going here for a spa break. The whale music and dried apricots sound very relaxing (lol) and Luke's description of his massage was hilarious! xx