Friday, 24 June 2016

Kylie Cosmetics

I couldn't resist trying out the latest lip trend from our old pal Kylie Jenner and just had to get in on the action because these lipkits are just so god damn instagrammable. The crux to my addiction was Dolce K and purchased from the lovely Chloe over at Ladywrites, I loved the brown/nude shade and was immediately impressed with the staying power - these things take a lot to come off. Another key point that impressed was that the matte formula didn't dry out my lips. Naturally, there's always gonna be some drying with any matte product but these don't leave my lips suffering for days afterwards however, this hasn't been the case for other bloggers but what works for one might not work for another. 

Having given Dolce K a good road test (and not having to have spend a fortune in shipping and customs because Chloe is bae), I eagerly anticipated the next re-stock date, credit card in had. The re-stock went live at 11:00pm and my order was confirmed at 11:02 - I move quick when I want something which, is what you have to do when you want to get your mitts on these. I ordered Kourt K and Koko K because there's no point paying the shipping and customs for one kit. The order totalled at £53.34 with inclusive of £10.90 for shipping with each kit costing £21.98. Broken down, the lipkits are reasonably priced for what they are - it's the shipping and customs fees that make your bank balance cry. On top of the £53.34 total, I also had to pay £15 shipping, which was a pain in the *ss as I stupidly didn't make myself aware of this. 

I don't regret my purchases, I think the quality of the products speak for themselves, the custom and shipping fees are annoying and I don't think I'll be buying anymore anytime soon but I'm chuffed with what I do have. 

Kourt K is a lovely plum / berry shade (perfect for those autumnal months with my tartan scarf and pumpkin spiced latte) as with all the matte shades, the colour is build-able, as well as having a dark plum tone, I can go all out goth and have lips as dark as my soul. 
Koko K is a pink toned nude that I adore, this has been my everyday shade for around two weeks and I'm not getting bored of it anytime soon. Although it's a subtle shade, there's just something about it that makes my lips stand out and my makeup look 'finished' even, when I've only had time to shove some mascara on my lashes and blob some BB Cream on my face - Cheers Kylie. 

The Matte formula and inclusive lip pencils are ideal for attaining that over-lined look. Having slightly wonky lips can mean that I can look like I'm snarling or impersonating Elvis when I wear bold colours. The consistency of the Lipkits allows me to slightly over-line and even out my pout. 
I would advise applying them to a lip at a time and allowing it to dry before applying to the next lip, this avoids a build up of product and that crumbly texture that Lipkits have been infamous for. As with all matte products the do crack after lots of eating, kisses and drinks so removing and reapplying does guarantee a tidier finish. 

To complete my Kylie Cosmetics Collection, I have two glosses in the shades in Like and So Cute. I won these in Anoushka from AnoushaLoves twitter competition (another Bae). The differences between the glosses and the mattes is pretty obvious. The gloss applicators are brushes rather than wands which can make them a little trickier to apply if you're used to wands. However, as glosses, these are of a pretty high standard, adding a pop of colour with a nice shine that again, lasts for ages. 

So Cute is a light nude shade that looks perfect on it's own for that no-makeup-makeup look. I like to use this with the Koko K liner to give my lips some definition. So Cute also works perfectly in conjunction with Koko K for when you're not feeling a matte look. Similarly, Like is the perfect gloss-match for Dolce K and can be worked both with the matte and the liner or, as a stand alone shade adding a brown/nude shimmer. 

I would say that Kylie Cosmetics is worth the hype but really be certain of your shades before you take the plunge and be prepared for those custom fee stings.


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Sunday, 19 June 2016

GHDs - are they worth the hype?

You would think at soon-to-be 26 years old I would've taken the step and got myself some GHD's before now. I haven't, simply because I assumed that by 2016 all straighteners would basically be of the same quality and the much coveted GHD's of circa 2008 was a thing of the past and people only continued to buy them out of habit or for their namesake.

Oh how wrong I was

Thanks to regular trims, the tangle teaser and a good haircare routine - shout out to coconut oil, my Rapunzel hair goals are starting to look realistic - my hair is just past my boobs #goals. I don't tend to do a lot with my hair and try to use as little heat as possible but due to it being slightly frizzy and not having the most graceful of waves I do need to run some straighteners over it to look like I haven't just got out of bed on work days. I also use straighteners to add curls to my hair ever since I burnt my finger tips away when picking up my curling wand from the wrong end - you see, I don't have a good history with hair tools hence the reluctance to fork out for new ones.

In fact, I'm so tight when it comes to hair tools that my hot pink Babyliss straighteners were a hand-me-down from a friend, I have no idea how old they were when she bought them but I've had them for a good 5 years...awkward I know. It's only been the past couple of months that I've noticed that dragging these rusty old hot pieces of metal through my hair isn't making it look better at all; it's actually making it worse and I swear it's going pull it out if I try making waves/curls anymore. Not to mention the blue sparks that they emit when plugged in.

So, after much not much at all deliberation I decided to bite the bullet and treat myself to some new straighteners. I know people who have had theirs for 8 years and still find that they work as wonderfully and magically as they did when they were first opened. I ordered mine and received them the next day - because that's how next day delivery works.

I've been using these for over a week now and feel like my 14 year old self when I get them out, I have GHDs guys - the straighteners I tried persuading my Mum to buy me when she caught me ironing my hair, with an iron - I'd set the ironing board up and everything. I have noticed a massive difference in my hair since using these beauties, it's smoother and softer, my ends aren't frazzled and I don't feel my hair being pulled out at every use. I chose to get the GHD V gold max edition as my hair is longer and being able to go over more hair at once means there's over all less usage which means less heat damage to my hair. The other wonder about these (and the fact that poker straight hair isn't a must-have these days) I don't have to use them every day - again, less heat on my hair.

Investing in these bad boys meant I needed to pick up on some heat defence - I hadn't bothered using this for a whole since my hair straighteners were basically pointless anyway but spending a good chunk of money on something for my hair is motivating me to look after my hair a little better, makes sense right? I picked up this VO5 Heat Protect styling spray whilst in Superdrug - no reason, just that it was on offer and does what it says on the tin, or spray bottle.

For anyone else wondering if the GHD bandwagon is still a bandwagon worthy of jumping on, I can confirm that it is and although it's pricey, it is certainly worth every penny.


Friday, 3 June 2016

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