Blogger Clichés

One thing I love about blogging is the blogger clichés that, no matter how much we all strive to be the one unique blog trying to stand out in a sea full of flat lays and rose gold, we all at some point fail to resist the latest blogger trend and find ourselves on that bandwagon with everyone else. This post is going to be a little list of all things I've noticed and am highly likely to be guilty of myself.

1. Instagram Themes

If you don't a theme, why do you even have Instagram? If you eat and avocado and don't Instagram it, you might as well have not eaten the avocado in the first place #fact.2. Rose gold and /or marble pretty much anything 
If you don't have something rose gold or marble can you even call yourself a blogger? If your flat lay background isn't white then it better bloody had be marble or distressed wood - ideally not even a genuine version of either, wall paper samples will do.

3. Compulsory Seasonal Instagram Shots 

When Autumn comes along and we all whip out our Primarni tartan scarfs and take the POV shot of our feet in some crispy leaves with the scarf perfectly positioned, if you're a pro blogger at this one you'll feature a pumpkin spiced latte for some extra cliche credit. 

Just chillin with mah tartan 

4. Opening your post on snap 

Unboxing blogger mail on snap is one of my new fave trends, there's the envy when a blogger has twelve parcels full of Benefit and Urban Decay products and I'm just over here like "who wants to see me open my council tax bill? Add me on snap"

5. Looking anywhere but the camera in fashion post pics 

I mean why look at the camera when you can pretend that whimsical shot of you moving your hair behind your ear and looking down and toward the left was perfectly natural and just casually taken.?Forget the 34 failed attempts you had delete from your camera afterwards and the domestic you had with your fiancé for making you look like a Fran with the camera beforehand. 

6. Blogger books

If you don't have a Lauren Conrad book, Pretty Honest, Girlboss or the Life  Changing Magic of not Giving a Fuck then what are you reading? (FYA The Life Changing Magic of not Giving a F*ck is highly instagrammable).

Good photo props - also full of words

7. Those cinematic lights 

Firstly, why don't I have one? I want to be able to light up my post titles within the photos! This is a whole new level of blogging that I can only hope to reach. #PRREQUEST

8. Flat lays 

The fact that this thing is even a word amuses me no end, but how handy is it for taking quick shots of beauty products and cups of coffee? Before we moved house, most of my product photos were flat lays because I had one nice pristine white background in the house that was perfect for them - what you don't know,is that the lovely shiny white background showcasing my beauty buys was the floor of the shower, the only place suitable enough to meet blogger cliché standards.

If you coffee looks boring, lay it on it's side 

9. Kylie Jenner Lipkits 

I actually own three of these now and genuinely love them (blog post coming soon) but the first one was bought from Chloe over at Lady Writes simply because I wanted one. Pathetic or, blogger goals?

Pay £10,000 in customs fees

10. Saying you're not into blogging for free stuff 

Under no circumstances when asked why you blog or what any of the benefits of blogging are can you mention free stuff. Humbly say you're in it to make blogger pals and share your thoughts, if anything imply you never get free stuff because you're so humble! 

Also, can we acknowledge the fact that in an attempt to mock the stereotypical things that bloggers do, I ended up taking generic blogger photos - such a cliché *wink face emoji* 

If you can think any thing else, feel free to add it in the column, I'm sure there's tonne more! 


  1. I don't have an Instagram theme... should I just quit now? x

  2. Haha I only tick half of those boxes! *proudface*

    1. Well done! You're a half-unique blogger *wink face* x