Organic Aromas

I was so excited when Organic Aromas offered to send me one of their essential oil diffusers to review - I love Essential Oils and natural remedies and having the opportunity to have something of a spa standard at home was too good to pass up.

I was sent the Radiance Essential Oil Diffuser - in my opinion it's the prettiest of the collection. It was delivered over seas but came well within a week and I was given a tracking ID so I knew specifically when to expect its arrival, excellent customer service right there!

First impressions 

The packaging was nicely sized with everything wrapped up and secured in it's own section, I was a little intimated to start with, the tubes and diffuser made it all look a little more 'techy' than I anticipated - I think even snapchatted something along the lines of taking up potions.


Once I'd got everything out of the box I realised that the whole process wasn't going to be complicated at all and I started reading over the instructions and assembling all the bits and pieces. It literally took seconds thanks to the clear and concise instruction manual that also provides a step by step guide on how to clean the diffuser to ensure it works effectively each time *puts instruction manual in a safe place*

The big switch on 

I genuinely didn't know what to expect when I turned the diffuser on, the base has a dial switch so the intensity of the aroma released is managable, I turned it half way as I was unsure of exactly how fragrant it would be. I immediately started smelling the relaxing scent of essential oils as they wafted through the room. To my surprise, the diffuser featured LED lights that change colour, this literally made my day and I sat and watched the colours change for a good twenty minutes becoming more and more relaxed as each minute passed.

Overall, the diffuser has completely exceeded my expectations and the colour changing LED lighting completed the package. I've set it up in my bedroom for now as I like to spray my pillow with a blend of essential oils before bed - now, I just need to turn the diffuser on for a minute or two and my room will be a relaxing zone of tranquility - did I mention that it takes seconds to release the fragrance? The electronic base is also energy efficient and has an auto shut-off setting after 120 minutes so don't worry about getting too chilled and nodding off. It also has a usage cycle of two minutes on and two minutes off so you won't get over whelmed with fragrance either. 

I can't wait to start incorporating the diffuser in my Yoga routine, I think it'll really help me concentrate and relax. To order your own Organic Aromas Essential Oils Diffuser click here 

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