Foundation Lessons - Featuring Urban Decay

I've learnt a very valuable lesson recently; when it comes to foundation, you really do get what you pay for. I've gradually become more of  make-up snob when it comes to my base. There was a time when spending over a tenner on a pot of foundation was a rip off to me; these were the days when my skin didn't actually need foundation and the two shades too dark of dream matte mousse made me look worse. 

Then, came the days when I realised foundation that matched my skin tone was probably a good idea and started parting with tenners, sometimes pushing the boat out at the £12 mark but nothing gave me the flawless skin I was hankering for. That was until I heard rumours about the Urban Decay Naked Skin range and the hefty price tag. I'm on a decent wage but spending £27 on a foundation I couldn't guarantee would be my face's best friend is a pretty big commitment to make, I mean thats the water bill, yanno? 

However, with hefty price tags comes excellent customer care. The higher end brands seen in stores such as Debenhams and John Lewis offer a customer service like no other from lovely experts who, primarily want to sell their products but, have such faith in them that they're not remotely pushy. To prove this point, I picked up a sample of Urban Decay Naked Skin a few weeks ago at the Urban Decay stand in Debenhams - the lovely lady that matched my skin, advised me on the coverage and formula and gave me this sample was in fact from a different but an expert in make up who knew that Naked Skin would be best for me. 

I managed to get a week's worth of usage out of the sample and was blown away with the results. I apply my foundation with standard stippling brush and then blend with a Beauty Blender. Naked skin is a runny, silky formula that glides on like a dream and is so easy to blend I even went all out with two layers in a bid to look like that snapchat filter. Once I'd run out of my sample, I was two weeks off pay-day (not an idea time to be spending money I don't have) I proceeded to moan at Luke about how I didn't look like a snapchat filter any more - I refused to use my old foundation because the difference in quality was striking - and not in a good way. As usual, Luke pulled through for birthday and in my bundle of presents (more about them at a later date) was, the full-sized bottle of Naked Skin (in the right shade) and a tube of Pore Perfecting Primer Potion.

As expected, Pore Perfecting is the primer to end all primers, being slightly tinted (perfect to use on those no-makeup-makeup-days) the silky yet slightly tacky formula immediately minimizes pores and provides a perfect base for those two layers of flawless foundation I mentioned before. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better with just Naked Skin the Primer went and blew it out of the water - my makeup lasts all day, even in the sweltering heat and look at the Harry Potter-esque packaging, there's nowt much like those Urban Decay pointy lids. 

As well as being a review of Urban Decay, this is more of a lesson for anyone thinking that high end brands are overrated and over priced, when it comes to make-up staples, like foundation - you really do get what you pay for. It's all well and good creating the perfect knock out smokey eye but it kinda loses it's wow-factor when your foundation is cracked and falling off your face. So, if you're pondering dabbling with a higher-end foundation but like me, parting with £27 could mean forfeiting your water bill - I say go for it! You won't regret it...until your water gets cut off. 

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