Do you know your normal?

Contrary to popular belief I'm not opposed to discussing periods, especially when having sensible discussions can lead to potentially saving someone's life. When Ami contacted me asking if I wanted to get on board with the fantastic know your normal campaign, I jumped at the chance. 

Know your normal, report any changes, save your life 

It's well and good reading blogs about other people's cycles but that won't help you determine whether you should be worried about yours. Every cycle is different and the Know Your Normal campaign stresses the importance of us getting to know our own cycles so that as soon as something out of the norm happens, we can jump On it straight away. 

I'm currently in the process of being tested for a variety of ovarian problems, it's suspected PCOS but I'm to undergo more tests to be able know fo sho. I didn't initially want to share this on my blog as it's so personal but I would feel like a fraud urging other people to track their cycles without being candid about my own. I've been tracking my cycle and monitoring everything from my times on and off to my breasts, nipples, moods, skin, weight... (you name it and I can show you what's been going on) for the past 12 months. If I wasn't in a position where I could give my doctors all this information, they wouldn't be able to begin my tests to quickly - for example, blood tests for ovulation are best taken on the 21st day of your cycle when your progesterone levels should be at their you even know when the 21st day of your cycle is? The average cycle occurs every 28 days, not knowing what date of your cycle, If I didn't know what date of my cycle I was on I would've been held back for another 27 days until I could be tested again -  this is long time when you're looking for answers and wanting help. In the lovely package that Ami sent me she included some beautifully designed period tracker grids, although I use an app to track my cycle I'm definitely going to use these templates to keep with all my other medial bits whilst I go through this process. 

Fore more information about tracking your cycle and knowing what signs and symptoms to look out for, have a look at the Know your normal page over here

The Pink Parcel* 

It's common knowledge that I don't think too highly of periods and the concept of feeling positive about your period especially, when it's an unwanted monthly nightmare. However, to make the trauma that occurs every 27 days (I know my normal) more bearable, the geniuses behind the pink parcel have invented the cutest little period package to cheer us up as well as stock up on the essentials. The packaging alone made me feel warm and fuzzy, the the black exterior and gorgeous pink interior with cute girly font is too cute - even during the most agonising cramps this is enough to bring a smile to your face. 

Inside the box we have 3 smaller boxes and a cute bag full of day-to-day pads for on the go use. One box, named For Later, is packed with another stash of pads. Another, named For Night, full of night-time pads and finally, the piece de resistance - the box named For You (as in me, you can get your own) is full of goodies to have a proper little pity party pamper night including:
  • A small tube of Pattisserie De Ban hand cream in sweet as cherry pie 
  • Bahlsen chocolate biscuit because what is period without chocolate?
  • Bare foot lavender foot cream (just asking to be accompanied by a massage)
  • Bella Pierre Gel Eyeliner in Ebony 
  • The Vintage Cosmetic Company adorable rose gold tweezers and emery board
  • Jelly Pong Pong eyeshadow duo 
  • La Via Del te Tisana Sweet and Relax Tea 
  • Lottie London nail paint only in the best colour: Blogger Babe 

The Pink Parcel is fantastic idea and even I am going to have to admit that it does make the whole ordeal a little more positive. The monthly subscription box can be catered to your personal preference and selected to be sent out at the dates you need. It costs a grand total of £10.50 (including P&P) with your first box discounted to £6.99. For more information, and to start your subscription, click here.

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