Lavender Fields OOTD

Lavenders blue dilly dilly lavenders green, actually it's purple. Last week Luke and I decided decided to take a little trip to Hitchin Lavender to wander around the Lavender fields and take some pretty pictures. The lavender fields are absolutely beautiful and at only £4.50 per adult including a bag to fill your own cuttings of lavender in, it's dead affordable too! There's also a beautiful sunflower field where you can pick your own massive sunflower for 50p. 

For the occasion, I had to wear this purple gypsy top that I got with the voucher I was gifted from Krisp Clothing, it was a fiver in their sale and I am completely in love with it. It's a tight over the shoulder fit that slightly flares out at the food-baby area (perfect for post-eating) the off the shoulder style combined with the cute floral pattern makes me feel extra girly in this, ideal feelz for skipping around flowers.  

I thoroughly enjoyed our time at the lavender fields, Luke on the had provided plenty of entertainment with his new found phobia of bees. Naturally, a space containing a large amount of flowers is going to attract a large amount of bees and watching Luke become more and more hysterical about their presence only made me want to stay longer, my favourite quite was "Dya think the bees want to attack us because not only  do we steal their honey but we turn up here and rip up their food?" He's a special man. 

Luke was relieved to leave the lavender field when we headed over to the sunflower field so he could choose a sunflower - turns out he doesn't like them too much either as one 'bit' him and made his hand bleed. We picked a sunflower nonetheless, which is now siting and dying in our flat. Good times. 

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  1. This is so sweet, sounds like you had a lovely day and entertainment - completely understand the life of having a special other half, he'd probably be the same! Haha

    Ugh the views, so instagramble, so bloggable - defo have to check this place out. Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James