The Block Heel Edit

Block heels are a trend that I readily jumped on this year. It's no lie that I love heels, I wear heels  for work (don't worry, no one makes me) I feel better in heels, I'm quite a casual with my style preferring jeans over dresses and baggy T-shirts and jumpers galore, shoving on a pair of heels can make any outfit feel more feminine and little more dressed up. This is all well and good but there is no denying that heels are a bitch - Lord knows how the likes of the Kardashians manage to parade around in stiletto style heels all day long but my little non-famous tootsies can only hack a few hours (and I have a high pain threshold when it comes to heels) Not to mention the fact that walking wears heels away; who else has had the end of the heel vanish and has been left making that obvious and annoying metal-heel sound at every step? Not only does it make walking slightly more dangerous but it also screams 'broken shoes' which, is never a good look. 

This is where the wonders of block heels come into play. Block heels are, as the name describes a block (duh)  meaning that there is more space to distribute your body weight; this puts less pressure on your heel as well as the balls of your feet meaning, you can last for hours longer in these babies than their skinny friends. I walk to work every day in all the shoes featured in this post (it's a good 15 minute walk) and when I come home, my feet aren't bleeding and I can place all my toes flat on the floor, we've all come in from a night out and had to do the duck walk because our feet have frozen into stiletto shape. Being a bit of a walker (not the zombie type) means that these shoes are actually an investment (this is what I tell Luke anyway) there's barely any wear in comparison to stiletto heels Even in comparison to flat sandals  that are usually sanded town almost cardboard there's more longevity in the block heel making these pretty much a summer staple. 

Casual OOTD | Coat: Boohoo | Jeggings: Select | T-shirt: Primark | Block Heels: Newlook 

Newlook have been the go to place for me to buy shoes this summer. I got these olive green / grey lace-up block heels in early June and loved them. The wooden heel and the lace up detail give a distinct summer vibe. My feet aren't necessarily wide but wearing shoes in the summer (when feet sweat and swell) as well as not wearing socks and not wanting to risk rubbing, I find that Newlook's wide fit footwear range is ideal for avoiding blisters. These shoes also come with a slightly cushioned in-sole making my walk to work a little more sassy and extra comfortable. 

When you love something this much you have to get them in every shade possible, right? So obviously, when the Newlook summer sale popped up I snapped these up in black for 1/2 the price. 

As well as dressing up casual outfits, block heels can also be easily worn with for more formal occasions; you know what this means...unlimited dancing! No more hanging onto the bar crying whilst trying to dance to your jam when it comes on at the end of the night or, having to take your shoes off in the kebab shop and being that girl. Doe to the sturdier heel, these shoes are also your friend after a few glasses of wine and you're less likely to topple over on your way to the taxi (before you've even drunk a drop).  

So, anyone who hates stilettos and is looking for some sassy footwear that still gives a bit of height; give fashion a round of applause because we have finally been blessed with a versatile style of footwear that provides all of the above without the pain. I've enjoyed exploring the variety of block heel styles available this spring and summer, from lace-ups like above to sassy sling-backs, open toe boot (seen below) and even slip-on styles. I'm excited to see what the gods of fashion are going to bless us with this A/W because I am thoroughly enjoying my new foot freedom. 

Real Suede Open Toe Boots | Newlook 


  1. I love these! I can't walk on any other heel apart from block heel, I'd be a danger to myself. So I'm off to check out Newlook x

  2. I'm obsessed with block heels right now, they're just so much more comfier xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. Your collection is unreal! I wish I wasn't a disaster when wearing any type of heel haha, love this post!xx

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