Exuviance Skincare*

I was given this bottle of Exuviance Purifying Cleansing Gel at The Bloggers Festival a couple of week's ago - I hand chance to talk to lovely ladies at their stand at The Bloggers Ball but they had run out of products to sample so I was pretty chuffed to bag this as there were so many positive reviews from The Bloggers Ball and I was keen to give it a whirl on my problematic skin. 

I was glad I did, I'm usually a little reluctant to try proper chemically products as I just don't think my skin likes them too much and I always fear of having some allergic reaction and my face will fall off. Clearly this didn't happen and I've been pleased with the overall results. The Purifying Cleansing gel has an anti-ageing formula which just what I need at the old age of 26 (not even joking, there are hints of wrinkles popping up. The main ingredients are Alpha and Pholhydroxy Acids (lord knows what they are) but they're said to sooth and improve the skin's texture which, is the exact difference that I noticed after two uses - my skin which is usually quite red and blotchy after a good old cleanse was suprisingly settled and much smoother than usual; my dry / oily combination skin means that it's at both ends of the scale straight after washing which means that sometimes after cleansing I have to sacrifice moisturising due to the grease or, vice versa. This stuff really seemed to balance that out and made my skin feel more refreshed. 

I also noticed that my skin was genuinely clean afterwards, not just on-the-top-of-the-face clean but a a proper deep clean - the blackheads on my nose have all but gone and those annoying bumpy spots on my chin that won't pop are finally starting to vanish. I think this cleanser is something that is really compatible with my skin, it targets all my problem areas but is sensitive whilst providing a thorough clean. It's not scented but has a slight chemical whiff to it - the packaging somewhat reminds of more of a medicine than a beauty product which is probably what made me initially wary of it. 

This cleanser is currently on offer for £23.49 here. The bottle consists of 212ml of product which is basically the size of your average shower gel so well worth the price. I've got a few other skincare products that I'm yet to post about but this one is certainly ranking quite highly.

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