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A couple of weeks ago, after a very stressful week that I spent the majority of crying because I was possessed by hormones I felt that the only way to end it was to hide under the duvet with my phone and enter the wonderful world of Beauty Bay. I've said it before: retail therapy is my favourite kind of therapy and it works a treat for me because by the time I was ripping open this box all my woes flew out of the window. I've had my eye on Gerard Cosmetics for a while since seeing so many cracking reviews about the setting sprays and me being me, couldn't resist picking up a liquid lipstick because can you ever have enough liquid lipsticks? If you're answer is no, you're on the wrong blog buddy. 

Lets talk about this Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick first - because they're my most favourite things ever. On first impressions, I loved the packaging, the rose gold shade that I chose works beautifully with the gold lid. I was a little surprised with the size of the product - coming in a 1.75 ml bottle / pot / container, it's slightly smaller than the majority of liquid lipsticks on the market but at only £10.50 each, you certainly pay for what you get and what you get is good.

To justify my ever growing collection of liquid lipsticks, I keep trying to find new shades so that when Luke asks why I keep spending money we don't have on make-up I can use the excuse of "but I haven't got this shade", with this in mind I chose Serenity - a nude shade with a hint of rose and pink to add some colour. I tend to wear Koko K by Kylie Cosmetics most days but am getting a little bored pink and wanting some more neutral to mix up my every day look. I would say that Serenity also has a hint of coral to it which was a nice surprise as I was little worried that it would be too nude and not worth not paying rent this month for. It turns out that Serenity really suits my complexion and I'll feel dead confident on eviction day wearing this. 

Gerard Cosmetics claim that the innovative formula of lacquer refuses to congeal, flake, smudge or fade. Naturally, I put this to the test be eating Spah Bol - one of the messiest meals around that requires a lot of lip-action (whey) and this stuff certainly stayed put, the only visible smudges were the ones of sauce on my chin...classy right. Compared the likes of Kylie Cosmetics,  Kat Von D and Sleek, I can confidently say that GC is the least drying however, I've found that it does take a little longer to dry and needs some blotting so it doesn't get sticky. Considering the price and quality, I think this is an exceptional product and I will certainly be purchasing some more shades when Luke's not looking.  

Slay all day setting spray 40% of my reasoing for buying this is because of all positive reviews I've read about it and 60% is because of the name - if you're not mentally singing formation by Beyonce whilst reading this then there's something wrong with you. The setting spray comes in five fragrances, peach, jasmine, green tea, lemongrass and lavender. I love lavender so this was a no brainer. I was pleasantly surprised with how strong the fragrance is, it's practically a face perfume which is always going to be a nice thing. 

The spray is supposed to keep your make up in place and prevent that crappy cakey foundation and oilyness whilst keeping your skin hydrated and refreshed. You can reapply this throughout today for extra moisture - I regret not getting this during the warmer months when my make-up was sliding down my face on the way home from work. 

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  1. I've been eying GC up for a while now and I think you've just swayed me to buy some. Serenity looks gorgeous on you! x