Lush Milton Keynes Bloggers Event

If you haven't guessed by the title, we went along to the Lush Blogger Event at the Milton Keynes store. Firstly, I'd like to apologise for the torrent of photos in this post but more importantly for the amount of photos there are of Luke - he was doing too many weird things to not photograph. The event was ah-may-zing, and Luke and I came home very happy bunnies with lots of goodies that we can't wait to try. We *I* decided that we would write separate posts about the actual products because this post would be longest post in all of the land and even though Lush is basically heaven on earth, there's only so much a person can read. 

On arrival we were greeted with some non-alcoholic wine (probably for the best with Luke around) and some vegan cupcakes and sweets all perfectly laid out ready for us bloggers to snap. We were then given a few moments to wander around the store - it felt a little like being in Charlie and Chocolate factory, we sniffed everything and had a good old nosey at the Christmas and Halloween collections. 

We then got some amazing demonstrations by GT of all the Christmas and Halloween bombs, fizzers and creamers. We all stuck our noses right on the bowls and got some good whiffs of the Lush goodness and decided on our favourites, mine being everything. 

Sparkly Pumpkin


I tend to favour the Halloween collection moreover the Christmas collection, what's not to like about sparkly pumpkins? The citrus smell of this bubble bar was to die for and the fact it's covered in glitter is just a bonus. As for Boo, look at those little can anyone resist that? Boo is bursting with milky moisturising cocoa butter, we watched GT give us a demo of Boo and as much as I loved the smell and look of this little bath melt, I just don't know if I can drown the little guy. I bought one of these to bring home and will feature him in my little haul if I actually use him.


Peeping Santa 

Luke fell for Peeping Santa and insisted on having a photo with him on his shoulder - something to do with the fact that eyes are made of real chocolate chips and him wanting to have a chip on his shoulder? Anyway, Peeping Santa is two bubble bars with a wedge of she butter sandwiched in between. We played a game in the store where we had to find the products hidden in the scarves around the shop - Luke had Peeping Santa in his and the two have been inseparable ever since. Luke will be writing a full review of this in his post in a couple of days so keep your eyes peeled, a little like this little guy (Peeping Santa, not Luke). 

Luke looking very proud with his scarf
Halloween & Christmas Soaps

We were given demonstrations and overviews of so many products from bubble bars and bath bombs to soaps, lotions and scrubs. Luke was very proud that he got to hold a whole soap and we both fell in love with Magic Wand because we have a bit of a thing for charcoal going on ATM - this is another thing that'll feature in Luke's post. 

As well as buying our favourite products from the night, we also got some goodie bags with a couple of samples and to top it off, I only went and bloody won the best dressed competition for my extra sparkly skirt and was given the Lets Get Ready to  Crumble gift set *round of applause for me*. Sorry that this post isn't that wordy but a picture speaks a thousand words and technically that makes this a freaking novel! Luke and I had a great time a the Milton Keynes store so a big shout out to GT and the team for being so entertaining and informative. I'm off to have a look at little Boo! Have a nosey at the full Lush range here or pop in store, preferably the Milton Keynes one *wink face*.

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  1. Lovely to meet you both 😀 I'll have to keep a look out for Luke's post
    Jaz X