Popcorn Lattes thanks to Monin*

If there's one company that knows how to do PR it's Monin and when they sent me this box I just knew I was in for a treat. To celebrate their new Popcorn flavoured syrup I was sent the cutest Popcorn pot that I'm sure Luke will be stealing seeing as he can't get enough of the stuff, along with a bag of personalised popcorn (anything with my name on wins), the cutest hot drink holder that is perfect for the colder months ahead and of course a bottle of the brand spanking new Popcorn flavoured syrup. 

It's said that people who come from single parent families look for other relationships to learn from - it's safe to say that I chose Monin and Costa because I don't know anyone more compatible than these guys. Seriously, if they ever broke up I would need months of therapy. Naturally, the first idea that popped into my head when I opened this box of goodness was to immediately shove this stuff in a homemade Costa latte made in my trusty Tassimo. Using the recipe that Monin sent along, I went for the Popcorn Latte with some whipped cream on top and garnished with some real life popcorn. 

I was a little unsure of how I thought this would taste - mainly because I am so loyal to my beloved hazelnut lattes don't worry though,I was pleasantly surprised. As soon as I unwrapped the bottle from the bubble wrap I got an instant whiff of buttery sweet popcorn that reassured me that this was a good idea. As well as providing an instant buttery popcorn taste, there's also a hint of nuttiness that we all know too well goes perfectly with coffee. The after taste is sharp and slightly roasted, the best match for coffee and leaves a stronger taste in your mouth than the usual latte. I'm not too fond of really sweet tastes which is why I avoid the vanilla and caramel flavours however, the sweetness combined with the nuttiness of the popcorn syrup is a beautiful relationship (a little like Monin and Costa). 

This whole popcorn theme  got me thinking about films and how perfect this latte would be for a movie marathon - I know what drink I'm making us for our not next Harry Potter Day. If you're interested in getting your mitts on some Popcron Syrup Magic head over to Syrup and Stuff or, Master of Malt (plus other online retailers), I promise you won't be disappointed. 

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  1. Oh wow this sounds so good! I have to try out a Popcorn Latte soon!

    Ella xx