Pristine Dead Sea Mud Mask*

This is another little beauty that has helped me along my journey to stop moaning about my annoying skin. Rumour has it that the dead sea has amazing healing elements as well as the muds found along the sea, unfortunately I don't have enough funds to go dunking around the dead sea every week to improve my skin but Pristine have brought out the next best thing - you can own your very own pot dead sea mud for an affordable (sale price) of £14.99.  

This Mask is natural and organic meaning that there's no nasty chemicals that can jump and irritate your skin (something I really dread) it's also vegan and cruelty free which gives it a big tick for me. 

Pristine claim that the dead sea mud mask primary reduces pores and tackles oily skin, reduces blemishes, addresses blackheads, eases inflammation, reduces the prominence of scars and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles; the list does go on a little longer but the important question is, does it live up to its expectations?  

I expected there to be some kind of fragrance to this product, I suppose I expect all face masks to have either a flavoured scent or, that face-masky smell but the mud mask is fragrance-free. In retrospect this makes sense because mud doesn't really smell does it. The product looks like well...mud, albeit with a grey / charcoal shade to it but nonetheless and the consistency is as such (but without rocks or shells or any little sea creatures...which was a relief). The instructions advise to apply the mask liberally all over the face and allow to soak into the skin for fifteen minutes. You may have seen a few weeks ago on Snapchat that Luke and I first tried this one evening during a movie night and loved the results. This mask doesn't go hard or peel off which makes it perfect for a mid-week pamper. I can plaster it when I get on from work and easily wash it off without having to worry about flakey bits on my hair or scrubbing a layer of skin off. I proceeded to use this mask twice a week and noticed a massive difference in the oily-ness (or lack of') on my skin. My overly shiny T-zone was no longer glowing and causing flight disruptions at Luton Airport and the dry ares along the side of my nose made me feel more like myself and less like Voldemort. I also noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of blackheads on my nose and my chin which made me feel much more confident and prevented me from attempting to squeeze them and further irritate my already pretty angry skin. Although I haven't noticed a decrease in the appearance of wrinkles (because I'm in denial that I have any) I have noticed a much smoother feel to my skin, where the varying levels of dry and oily skin were making foundation application a miserable experience before, I'm now finding my skin a much smoother base to work with making me more confident about my appearance. 

It's safe to say that this little pot of mud has earned a firm place in my skin care routine and will be staying there for a while. I tend to use it at the weekend for a big pamper but also mid-week on particularly warm days or after the gym when I'm a little sweatier than normal and need a good cleanse, or even when I'm feeling like I need a little Hump Day pamper. If you're looking for an affordable natural and vegan face mask that won't disrupt your skin but will improve your overall complexion, Pristine have got your back...or face. Get yours here. 

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  1. Ohh this looks great! Might have to give this a try x