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Procoal London sent me a pot of their activated charcoal to sample around 3 weeks ago. I was a little sceptical about the potential results of using this product as I've found that home teeth whitening processes barely compare to the real deal especially those that literally just involve brushing. However, the results of using Procoal have blown me away and not just by the effectiveness of the whitening elements. Being and ex-smoker and die hard coffee drinker (until I die,  I.D.S.T) My teeth are naturally stained, this is something that I've been quite self-conscious about because, well, no one likes a minging mouth.

This activated charcoal is made from heated coconut shell which is then cooled and milled to produce this extremely fine (none abrasive powder). The heating process traps the natural chemicals that lift stains and discolouration from the surface of the teeth without damaging the enamel. This powder is so simple to use and barely impedes with my usual oral hygiene routine. After brushing with my usual tooth paste I rinse my brush and dab it into the pot so enough powder covers my brush - I then brush my teeth as I usually would. For me this is the best bit, running into the living room showing Luke my black teeth and gums hasn't gotten old and I don't think it will. Mixed with water (and mouth juices - ew) the powder creates a type of paste that covers the teeth and gums, once brushed for around 2-3 minutes I rinse my mouth - this can take a while, this stuff is black so it's very obvious to notice when there's some left over. As a side note: this product also helped me realise that I am a messy spitter, the black splashes covering the sink, mirror and walls aided me in concentrating on aiming for the plug hole rather than just anywhere. Gross, right? 

After a week I noticed a massive improvement in the colour of my teeth, as you can see in the before picture below,  the top half of my top teeth were particularly yellowed and something that I was very aware of. In the after photo you can see how the overall colour of my teeth is balanced and whitened - that line across one of my front teeth is a build up of plaque, by the time this post is published I'll have been to the dentist for a good old scale and polish, I wanted to include pictures before this appointment so you could appreciate the results from just using Procoal activated charcoal.  

Procoal hasn't just improved the overall look of my teeth but has also made a huge difference to my oral health. I have been suffering for the past few months with severe bleeding gums. I've used all the obvious products to treat this including tooth pastes and mouth washes but nothing was working (hence the dentist appointment) this was getting to the point where I was genuinely concerned about tooth loss, y'know the Corsodyl advert with the girl with the missing tooth? I was certain that was going to be me. It turns out the activated charcoal also works wonders for your overall oral hygiene, it is widely used to detox the body from drugs and poisons and has become a routine part of poisoning protocols. This has the same effect in the mouth and when used regularly results in a detoxed mouth allowing sensitive gums and time to heal and reduces and stops bleeding.


After (3 weeks)

I highly recommend using activated charcoal to whiten teeth and improve the health of your gob. You can buy a 60ml pot of from Procoal London here for £10 (that's enough to last you a couple of months). 


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