Smoothskin Gold IPL | Week Twelve

I'm on week twelve! If you want to follow my Smoothskin Gold IPL journey from the very beginning click here. It's a little strange to think of my Monday nights without using my IPL now, it's become so normal in my beauty routine that I can barely remember the days of having to shave my legs and armpits during every shower. Smoothskin state that massive differences are most noticeable after twelve weeks of use and they weren't lying. I am so impressed with this product from how effective it is to how easy it to use to the excellent customer service. 

Things really went up a notch in the old hair removal stakes after week six and I started to notice more and more obvious changes and began to mix things up a bit with my routine because I like to live life on the edge like that. The main areas that I'm using the IPL on are; my legs, bikini line, face, arms and armpits. Whilst you can shave during the treatment period you can also choose not to - after week six Smoothskin said that you might start to notice hair falling out, this was something that I was intrigued to witness and as the regrowth of my hair was dramatically reduced I decided to give this a bash on the old private parts. 

As expected, Smoothskin weren't lying about this either - I started to notice some of the old pubes frazzling away after each use, reducing them to little weeny stumps of hairs and some even falling out. It's now looking a little sorry for itself and needs a helping had because there's some bald patches mixed with different length hairs, not the prettiest lady garden but my experiment proved effective and it's nothing a little landscaping won't fix. 
The most noticeable difference is on my armpits, the hair has literally all gone and I couldn't be happier about that. Gone are the days where I forgo wearing a vest top because I haven't the time to shave those stubbly pits and with that, she sore shaving rashes and the stinging feeling after applying deodorant too soon. My arms are still in the process of being hair free and I reckon they'll take another couple of weeks, the hair on my arms is very fine and light but there's a lot of it and the lighter the hair - the harder it is to remove. I've noticed that my once blindingly obvious little blonde moustache is about 90% gone which is a blessing, there's nothing worse than foundation getting caught in your moustache and highlighting the fact you're a blonde Charlie Chaplain. Also, no longer using wax in that area as allowed my skin time to settle down and has reduced the amount of spots and blemishes around my mouth. 

For me, smooth, hair free legs was the end goal and I am so close. I'm down to shaving once a fortnight which is amazing in comparison to what was basically every day twelve weeks ago. I would say that I'm around 90% of the way to being razor free and having smooth sassy legs forever more. 
If you're interested in exorcising your outer Yeti, check out Smoothskin's range of products here, I'm off to stroke my legs. 

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