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Working in a town centre has such positive psychological affects and yet such detrimental financial ones. Retail therapy is the only therapy that I've ever needed. When having a crap morning at work, or life in general and I can pop into town on my lunch break and exchange my sadness for new make-up, shoes, or coffee. When I'm having an intense therapy session and make-up is on the agenda, aesthetics is of paramount importance because I'm shallow and pretty sh*t makes me happy.

This is why, for the first time, Tanya Burr cosmetics caught my eye. I've never really jumped on the blogger product bandwagon simply because I've never been huge of  fans of the bloggers that have released stuff. However, it's undeniable that Tanya's collection is pretty AF and that is exactly what I was after on this down day. 

The Tanya display in my local Superdrug was just a teeny shelf so there wasn't much to choose from but with these cute little quad eye shadow palettes at only six quid a pop I couldn't resist picking up Fairytale and Galaxy. When you're mid-splurge thoughts like "I need a lipgloss to keep the palettes company" make perfect sense and when you're coming down from the buzz of spending it's justified and in some cases (like this one) encouraged with the excuse of "for blog reasons" so, for blog reasons I also got a lipgloss in the shade Lunch Date - because I was on my lunch....get it?


Granted, Galaxy and Fairytale are very similar shades but I am a simple girl when it comes to eye shadow - having blonde hair a hazel eyes I know that brown shades suit me best and I'm not too fond of bolder colours so picking up two almost identical shades makes perfect sense to me. Galaxy has shimmery shades whereas Fairytale is matte. The second thing (after the cute packaging) that impressed me with both quads is that all four shades actually compliment each other  - it's probably my terrible make-up tekkers but I've found that most quad palettes that I've previously used haven't always worked too well together making one shade redundant which irritates my exceptional organisational skills. The shimmer makes this palette ideal for evening use - if you're not a heavy day-to-day eye make-up person like me. I found that these shades are pigmented but I've read other's saying that they're not - maybe it's dependant on the base. Either way, for six quid I'm pretty happy with the overall finish. My favourite shade in this quad has to be Starry Night because my spirit animal is a magpie and love sparkle.


Essentially a matte version of Galaxy, I found this palette slightly more pigmented that Galaxy. Witches Cat tends to fall away a little and need a touch more blending than Starry Night however, these shades blend so well it's easily forgotten. My favourite shade in this quad is Alohomora because what a cracking name, and I love how the warm tone compliments the light brown in my eyes. This palette is perfect for day-to-day use with the matte yet warm toned shades all complimenting each other to create a lovely subtle yet striking smokey eye look. Cream Tea also works as a perfect highlighter for my complexion. 

Lunch Date Lipgloss 

Just when it was going so well, this lipgloss let the bunch down. As I said, I picked this up during the peak of the shopping high so I wasn't thinking straight when I bought it. The positive is the packaging, it's gold and cute and the shade of the gloss (inside the tube-thing) looks lovely, and that's about where it ends for me. Lipglosses aren't my jam,  although the formula is very buttery and easy to apply I did find it rather sticky and the shade was a lot lighter when applied to mah actual face. Aslo, due to my almost impressively dry lips, even glosses manage to dry them out and shimmery dry skin is never a good look. 

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