The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid

I spotted The Body Shop's Matte Lip Liquid on Twitter when they were hosting a competition to win the whole collection, although I frantically RT'd, I knew I wasn't going to win so I hopped over to their online shop to have a closer and gander at the matte goodness. To my surprise, I found they only cost six quid, yes THIS IS NOT A DRILL, SIX ENGLISH POUNDS. When something so good costs six pounds, the obvious thing to do is to buy it three times, right? Right. 

So what shades did I pick, I hear you ask. Well, I selected Windsor Rose, Nairobi Camellia and Tahiti Hibiscus. I've been trying to not go for subtle pink / nude shades but I just can't resist hence why I just had to get some Nairobi Camellia in mah life.  Howeverrr, I was a pleasantly surprised to find that the colouring of each shade online is slightly different IRL. Obviously this is subjective to skin tone and lip colour; having quite rosy kips Nairobi Camellia shows up a lot darker and more red than I originally anticipated which was a blessing as it means I have a shade that isn't in keeping with my every growing Kourt K like collection and adds a bit of variety to my look. Similarly with Windsor Rose, I anticipated a much deeper brown shade to add some sassy lip shades but this shade mixed my natural lip colour creates a much more natural / nude look that I also really like. Tahiti Hibiscus is my favourite of this little bunch, I was banking on a dead deep purple shade that I would probably be too much of a wimp to wear but what I found was a perfect autumnal-so-blogger-red-plum shade that isn't too bold for work nor too subtle for proper glamming up like a sassy lil princess. 

I  l o v e the formulation of these Liquid Lipsticks, they're more of a paste than a liquid which means they can be precisely applied without smearing all over your head; this also means that the colour is dead build-able, those subtle shades that I mentioned before can be intensified with a few more layers that blend beautifully without cracking. The moisturising elements are for realz, even my lips didn't crack up and fall off and I wore each shade for a whole day and ate and drank all the coffee - the staying power is amazing and have I mentioned that they're only SIX QUID? As always they're also cruelty free and Vegan so that's an extra thumbs up fore me. I'm off to find £54 to buy the rest of the collection and complete my life. 

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