Men's Jumpers & Over the Knee Boots

I've given up trying to do anything with my face in these kinds of posts, lets all forget about that wonky bitch face and concentrate and the shenanigans neck down. Boy's jumpers, specifically Luke's jumpers make the perfect winter wardrobe essential and Luke has an array of jumpers in every shade hanging neatly in his wardrobe ready for me to pinch. I prefer men's jumpers because they're big, baggy and slouchy and don't have fitted breast bits to fret about or silly tight fits that can't hide food babies. This is one of my favourites of Luke's as it's the one he lets me rob the most; I think this colour suits me better than him and she should let me have it forever...we'll see. 

This post is more about those boots, those beloved suede over the knee boots with a soft cushiony sole and heel that make feel extra sassy but also super comfy all in one, I love wearing these boots with Luke's jumpers because they make me feel a little sexy and hide my inner jumper slob enough for me to leave the house. These boots also look pretty fantastic with a jumper / shirt dress if you were wondering. Shop these boots here for £44.99, if you want to grab yourself a cheeky little 30% discount sign up the Newlook newsletter. If you've already done that, register your other half, or your Mum, or boss. 


  1. Every girl needs a pair of over the knee boots in their wardrobe!! I love these ones xx

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  2. I am so glad I'm not the only one that steals her partners jumpers!! They are so comfy yet weirdly really flattering :) x

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