Menswear Autumn OOTD

I bet you've missed me so much and have been wondering where I've been since my last post? Well the truth is I've been a bit lazy, sorry! Nandos, Xbox, friends and breathing in general have taken priority but I now have a backlog of things to post so I'm going to try and catch up otherwise Issy will be on my case again. Now that's cleared that up (hopefully) lets get on!

Hello everybody!

I'm sure you've all noticed whilst walking down the street recently the trees around you aren't wearing any  leaves. This can be one of two things:
1. all the trees have Anthracnoses (a disease that effects trees)

2. It's Autumn!

Hopefully it's the latter. I love and hate Autumn. I mean, it's cold and cloudy almost everyday and summer has just packed it's bags and fucked off. Weather seems to be my only problem with Autumn but as an Englishman it's expected that weather will be a problem. The good things are as follows: Bonfire night, Halloween (complete with all the Harley Quinns), nights in watching movies that came out over the summer,  X factor and many more but most importantly *Drumroll*

Autumn clothes! (complete with warm jumpers)

I love dressing  for this time of the year because I get to wrap all my abs up and wear warm fuzzy jumpers from my overly large collection. Issy and I went on a little trip to town the other day to buy something and I was wearing my favourite outfit for Autumn 2016 so we took the opportunity to take some photos. 
This was the first time Issy has asked me to pose for the camera while wearing clothes *wink face* so I wasn't sure what to do but I just tried to wing it and think I did an ok job (better than her anyway, have you seen her face in her OOTD posts LOL).
This outfit is pretty dark but thats sort of the point, summer is all about bright colours and then once the sun goes it's time to chill out and dull down a bit. Black shoes going up to classic deep blue jeans, followed by a warm grey jumper and my signature hat. This outfit is this year's favourite. I can wear it for work, shopping, walking or even just around the house, it's comfy and its not too smart and not too casual. I was actually spotted the other night wearing this in Nando's (love that place) by a fellow blogger, Hey Sophie! I haven't mentioned the jacket because I've had it for 4-5 years it comes out every year no matter what, it's my lucky jacket...or unlucky when you think about it *cough Issy cough*

As you can see my outfit blends in well with Autumn - you can barely see me stood next to the tree.
Seriously though I hope you like my debut OOTD post , I want to do more posts like this so any feedback would be fab or, if Fran could just tell me I'm fit that'd do.
Enjoy your Autumn and,

Brace Yourself...Winter Is Coming

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