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A couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to win all these Pop Beauty UK goodies from the lovely Charlotte from Charlotte Adele. I hadn't heard of this brand before but loved the look of the packaging and judging a book but it's cover, I assumed that this stuff was going to be good. Turns out I was right so I haven't really learnt a valuable lesson here. In this massive haul of goodness I received the Permanent Pout liquid lipstick collection, in it's entirety as well as all of the Pow Wow Powder palettes, pretty lucky right.

I was most excited to try the liquid lipsticks because I have a liquid lipstick problem and these beauties look stunning with that colourful packaging and the sleep yet chunky tubes/pots/ seriously what are these things called?  The Permanent Pout lip paints are a full coverage velvet and matte finish liquid lipstick that promise to last all day and all night. The full collection consists of six shades ranging from a subtle blush nude to a bold rouge. I immediately fell in love with the shade Razzle Rose - a purple and brown toned nude that perfectly matches my skin tone and gives my lips that autumnal feel without being too bold. 

The overall formula is pretty alright, although the product is easy to apply with the applicator, some of the shades need a couple of layers to blend properly to create a nice matte finish. I found that they take a little longer to dry than other matte-finish lip paints that I have previously used. This can a little frustrating when in a rush as drinking or even closing your lips too soon can lead to that tacky feeling and make some of the colour come away. However once dry, the finish is perfect and the product has some serious staying power - naturally I put it to the coffee addiction test and it passed. When left on too long to it's own devices it does that similar thing to Kylie Lipkist where, although it looks find, it feels a bit...well weird and you're better off taking the whole lot off and having another, I mean hours later though.

The Pow Wow Powder palettes are equally as amazing as their lip cousins. Again, the packaging is to die for and the quotes in the inside jut make them extra special. My favourite out of the collection has to be Strobin' Glow, the shades in this palette sit beautifully on the skin are are so easy to blend. The shades in the Beachin' Bronze remind of Benefit's Hoola bronzer in quality and pigmentation. Overall, I would say that Pop Beauty UK have some cracking products at some affordable prices with each palette costing £22 and the Lip Paints being £12 each - if you're looking for some colourful make-up head over to Pop Beauty UK.

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