Primark Boots & Jacket OOTD

You know when Primark throw out some diamond bargains and you can't not have them? This happened with these tan  boots with the glittery heel because of the glittery heel - how can anyone in their right mind resist the sparkly wonder of this glittery goodness? Naturally, with all Primark shoes there's always room for a little quality improvement when it comes to footwear but for just £12 a pair you can't really go wrong. This faux-sheepskin jacket was a more pricey £25 but is of a high quality especially for Primark, it's the perfect throw-over jacket for these warm-ish autumnal months and the faux-fur inside is so soft that I never want to take it off, ever

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  1. Those boots are gorgeous! Primark always, has a hidden gem somewhere in store. Great post:)